Trendy Kitchen Interior Design Ideas for Your Home

Gone are the days when the kitchen used to be just a place for you to cook your meals and wash your dishes. The idea of a modern kitchen has evolved in 4 simple words: open, clean, functional and minimal. Your kitchen has become a focal point to bring people together and to cook a sumptuous meal. So, when you are planning your kitchen design you should consider aesthetics as an integral element of your décor.

You should also consider contemporary trends, advanced technology, and innovation as part of your renovation and design process. Nowadays, technology has entered the kitchen with full force in the form of smart appliances. These trends have really changed the way kitchen use to function. Let’s look at some of the smartest kitchen interior design ideas for your modern home.

  • Choose your cabinet colors wisely

The white color used in the kitchen can carry a classy look, and it can be used in any kind of kitchen style. In addition, you can also use classic bohemian colors to add character to your kitchen. Use a variety of different paint colors or wood stain colors or combinations of these two. These will no doubt give a trendy style to your kitchen cabinets. You can also mix and match your colors for your cabinets.

  • Use wallpapers and area rugs in your kitchen

There are some new versions of color combinations like dark heel tones, navy, black, emerald green and even plum which are being used extensively. You can use wallpapers of various hues and area rugs as floor mats for your kitchen. Use canvas on your walls if you don’t want to put up with wallpaper.

  • Create your stress-free kitchen

A stress-free kitchen after a hard day at work is an interesting design idea. You can become more streamlined with the overall aesthetic, design, and are using alternative methods to renovate your kitchen.  Change the overall theme of your kitchen so that you feel relaxed and rejuvenated when you enter your kitchen.

  • Design a more open look for your kitchen

Try and remove the upper wall cabinets to open up more space and create a visually appealing design. It will make your kitchen look larger and brighter. In that case, you can use your countertop space. Open looks provide better breathing space for you in your kitchen.

  • Use Open Shelving for your kitchen:

Open shelving is another great design option for you. If you use the open shelves, then the rough cut woods can bring the natural elements or metal tubing for a more sleek design. You may consider the ceiling with coffered, tray and wood beams to give it a complete look.  Open shelving also makes it easy to find your stuff inside your kitchen.

  • Build your smart kitchen

The modern kitchens are technology oriented. You can build your own smart kitchen complete with all the necessary function and appliances. Integrate your kitchen appliances with your Smartphone by linking it with your appliances. Technology integrated kitchens are very popular option nowadays and homeowners are increasingly leaning over to these options. No doubt it is going to be one of the biggest trends in the future.

  • Space out your  kitchen furniture

According to the interior design specialist, sink, stove, and refrigerator are considered as the kitchen triangle. As these are the areas of greatest activity it requires careful planning for unobstructed access. Your sink which sees the most action throughout the day should be nearby to the stove and refrigerator. Sometimes you may see the sinks are located in a poor location because of the placement of pipes. 

  • Create a Contemporary themed kitchen

Use your imagination and the perfect colors to design your kitchen space. You use décor pieces and furniture choices available to create your contemporary kitchen. Try and look for rectangular shaped objects to decorate your kitchen. Choose clean lines so as not to destroy your design.

  • Place your appliances evenly

No doubt your kitchen contains a lot of stuff and the items need to be concealed behind the cabinets. This might create overloading of items and create oddly shaped objects behind your cabinets. In that case, you need to place the appliances in a place where you can easily access them. 

  • Create more storage options 

The built-in option is really expensive. In that case, one big decision mistake can create less storage in the room. If you find your kitchen areas to be small, you can install extra long upper cabinets. Additionally, place some lighting or greenery along with it to catch the eyes. Try to make the cabinets over the refrigerator so that you don’t waste a single space of inside your kitchen.

  • Inadequate counter space

This is one of the biggest problems nowadays to have inadequate counter space in their kitchen. So In that case, you need to fit an open horizontal surface area in a kitchen by considered all the kitchen activities that require a countertop and the appliances that are permanently located there. You can achieve this trick by adding an island or breakfast bar to an L-shaped kitchen. Also, place your counters on top of another to achieve the desired results.

  • Add colorful lighting in your kitchen

Poor lighting is a common problem for almost kitchen. The kitchen lighting should be perfect because this is not only enhancing your design and atmosphere but also keeps you safe from sharp kitchen tools. You can use jewelry pendants as light decorations for your kitchen. Additionally, you can try accent lighting to improve the look of your kitchen.

Your refurbished kitchen needs to look trendy and also needs to be operational. A kitchen is a place where you spent some quality time. So, it is an essential element of your home design needs. Good kitchens are not built on accidents; they are products of careful planning. So these modern design ideas are sure to inspire you and help in building the kitchen of your dreams. 

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