RangeXTD Review – The Best WiFi Booster in the Market?

Do you know that around 60% of the world’s population is using the internet now? Gone are the days when life essentials were food, clothing, and shelter only. The internet has become another important essential now.

People are ready to spend thousands of their hard-earned money to get the best internet connectivity. Increasing the internet speeds have always been a subject of interest as nobody wants to lag in the fast-growing competitive world.

Wi-Fi boosters and range extenders are one such category for electronic devices that helps in improving the internet speed and coverage if your existing connection. Out of so many options available, let us have a look at the best-RangeXTD!

What is RangeXTD?

Range XTD is a powerful electronic device that works as a Wi-Fi booster and Wi-Fi range extender. It is an efficient and compact device that works in collaboration with your existing internet connection only.


RangeXTD is the brainchild of technical experts that works directly on the best reasons for dead zones at your place. If you are a high internet user like the online gamers or movie watchers, RangeXTD is the next electronic device in your must-to-have gadgets list. Let us have a look at the features of this miracle device.

Features of RangeXTD:

The main features of RangeXTD include:

  • One push button
  • Works on WPA-PSK and WPA2-PSK encryption.
  • LED signals indicating signal strength.
  • AP, Router, and Repeater mode controllers.
  • 1 WAN/LAN and 1LAN jack.
  • Simple power controllers and wizard installation.
  • 2 built-in antennas.
  • Increase downloads, uploads, and range of your existing Wi-Fi signal.
  • Eliminates the dead internet zones from your place.
  • Easy to install and maintain.

The features and technical specifications are the culprits behind this little internet monster. The design of RangeXTD is compact and does not interfere with any of your existing things. The hardware used in RangeXTD is the best-quality material that does not lose its power while working under the compact and stylish casing of RangeXTD.

Other devices may guarantee the same to you, but RangeXTD silently delivers its promise. So how does RangeXTD achieves all this?

How RangeXTD works?

The need for Wi-Fi boosters is indispensable when you are facing internet blackout zones at your place. Imagine you are in an important video call and suddenly you enter your kitchen to have a glass of water and whoop! Your internet has gone. Some of us may never notice the potential dead zones at our place.

So, what is the solution? Would you spend extra hundreds of dollars in buying the strongest Wi-Fi router for your place? Or would you use multiple routers that will shoot your monthly internet bills?  Would you go for a Wi-Fi booster or want better coverage of your place? These are some mind-boggling questions, right? Gladly, RangeXTD has solved everything for you.

Range XTD has AP, Router and Repeater modes. It is an amalgam of the powerful technology that serves two cutting edge purposes of router and amplifier from one compact unit only.

RangeXTD starts working in three easy steps:

  1. Plugin the RangeXTD at any power socket in your place.
  2. You can check the signal strength on RangeXTD to get an idea of the right position.
  3. Connect it to your router and start enjoying super-fast internet.

RangeXTD firstly receives the existing Wi-Fi signal of the place. It then amplifies the same signal. The Amplified signal is then again disturbed over the entire place. Thus, what you are getting is a powerful and wider range of Wi-Fi Connectivity using your existing router only. Let us have a brief look at the best advantages of using RangeXTD.

Advantages of RangeXTD:

The main advantages of RangeXTD are:

  1. It can increase the Wi-Fi coverage up to 70 meters and the speeds are increased up to 300 Mbps.
  2. There is no need to buy multiple extenders as RangeXTD is sufficient in eliminating the weak internet zones or dead zones from your place.
  3. It does not need big space, all you need is a power connection and you can plug in your RangeXTD over there.
  4. It has a sleek look and stylish design that attracts every visitor at your place.
  5. It is easy to install and anyone can use it. You do not need to master electronics, in using your RangeXTD.
  6. It does not increase the monthly internet bills.

RangeXTD scores high when it comes to the usability ease to use, affordability, and delivering powerful results. It can be categorized as a one-time-investment that removes the slow speed and weak coverage of your existing internet connection. So how much are you ready to pay for this amazing RangeXTD?

RangeXTD Price:

The price of RangeXTD is $99.90. However, the company offers a promotional discount of 50% and you can get a single unit of RangeXTD at $49.95 only. A US plug is also provided along with RangeXTD that is completely free.

Along with the off on single unit, there are multiple discounts over the bulk-buying of RangeXTD. Some of the best attractive packages offered by the manufacturer of RangeXTD are:

  • “Double Your Range” deal that has 2 units of RangeXTD with a US plug at $99.90 only.
  • “Triple Your Range” deal that has 3 units of RangeXTD with a US plug at $112.39 only.
  • “Maximize Your Range” deal that has 4 units of RangeXTD with a US plug at $149.85 only.

Mesmerized by the offers on RangeXTD, let us check the right place to buy an original RangeXTD.

Where to Buy RangeXTD?

It is strongly advised to buy RangeXTD from its official website only. The company offers special discounts over single or multiple purchases of RangeXTD.

Along with the benefits of discounts on the first purchase from the official website, there is an additional $10 discount on your next purchase of RangeXTD. Moreover, RangeXTD is covered by the 30-days money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the performance of RangeXTD, then you can return it to the manufacturer, however, chances are rare that RangeXTD will ever give you such chance.

So what is it that makes RangeXTD an ideal Wi-Fi Booster for your place?

Why RangeXTD?

Wider coverage and stronger connection are the key features of RangeXTD. You do not only get an extended range of up to 70 meters but the speed of the internet is also increased and reaches 300mbps. Thus RangeXTD works in two ways, contrary to other products in the market.

Secondly, RangeXTD is compact and does not have any tangling wire connections. You can carry it along with you to your office, home, or at any other place.

Thirdly, Range XTD is a simple yet powerful solution for eliminating dead zones that is available at the most affordable prices.

Disadvantages of RangeXTD:

There are no known disadvantages if using RangeXTD except for one reason that it is only available online and you have to wait for a while to get your RangeXTD due to the heavy demand of the product. The reviews and ratings of the customers verify the same.

Reviews and Ratings:

Our team has used RangeXTD and gives it a top 5-star rating. The customers of RangeXTD also share highly positive reviews about the product.

One customer of RangeXTD says that it is super simple to use RangeXTD. She is from the fashion fraternity, and does not have any technical background but had to share her portfolios and shoot details so was in immediate need of good Wi-Fi extender. She bought RangeXTD and can now enjoy seamless internet.

Another customer terms RangeXTD as a boon for gamers and long sitting movie watchers. The efficient speeds and range of networks that are obtained by RangeXTD are more than just good in delivering the best online gaming experience.

The third customer reviews RangeXTD as an efficient product that is capable of delivering reliable connection every time. She can now use Wi-Fi from any corner of her place.


  • Can I connect the devices of one room to one RangeXTD?

You can connect as many devices as you wish with one RangeXTD.

  • I have a porch within 50 meters, will RangeXTD work for that?

Absolutely, RangeXTD can extend Wi-Fi Speeds up to 70 meters.

  • Can I move the RangeXTD used in my room to my kitchen?

Yes, you can move the same RangeXTD to any place, once its installation is completed.


RangeXTD is a powerful device that shifts your internet experience to the next gear using best-in-class technology. You do not need to worry about the dead zones at your place when RangeXTD is there. All you have to worry is about choosing your favorite spot in your Wi-Fi hotspot smart home.

If you are still searching for a powerful Wi-Fi booster for you, grab RangeXTD today and enjoy the seamless online experience. RangeXTD is an ideal gift for your gaming or internet-freak friend.

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