Top 5 Laser Christmas Light Projector Reviews

Every one of us want to decorate our houses and outdoors in the best way during the festive seasons. Christmas being one of the biggest and most celebrated festivals of the year is no exception. Setting up for Christmas brings joy to our life. Laser Lights are a great option to decorate your surroundings with as these are quite energy efficient. These lights are very convenient to set up instead of stringing so many strands of lights and ending up with a mess. Also, decorating with laser lights saves some potential time and money as these lights are relatively inexpensive. Besides these benefits, laser lights are also effective for bad weather conditions and will not be destroyed by time, rain or snowfall.

Best Laser Christmas Light Projector - Comparison Table

1.Star Shower Motion Laser Lights Star Projector2 pounds10.5 x 7.63 x 5.88 inches4/5
2.18 Pattern Christmas Light from Geekers3.6 pounds8.4 x 8.2 x 7.3 inches5/5
3.Christmas Light Projector by Optlaser2.7 pounds9.5 x 6.1 x 5.2 inches4/5
4.MaLivent Laser Light1.4 pounds7 x 7 x 3.1 inches4/5
5.Blingco Mini Auto Flash Laser Light0.75 pounds5.5 x 4.8 x 3.3 inches4/5

Christmas is just around the corner with just two months to go. To have a blast during Christmas one needs to plan ahead about decorations and house parties, the food etc.

One might think that they have all the things required for decorating their house during Christmas a Christmas tree, gifts and decorations for the tree. Is that all? Aren't you forgetting something? Of course! It’s the lights, the one thing that can bring out an altogether different kind of positive vibe to the party but that being said shabby and obsolete designed lights are no more in the spotlight as more advanced and better mechanisms have been invented which have improved Christmas lights and led to many innovative lighting techniques which are more efficient, less time consuming.

There are hundreds of light related products on Amazon and here are some of the most popular laser light products for Christmas.

A Simple Guide to Buying Laser Christmas Lights

Best Christmas Laser Light Projectors

It can be tricky to choose the perfect laser lights for Christmas for your house and outdoors among the plethora of varieties and designs available in the market today.

Some of the key points to keep in mind while buying laser Christmas lights can be summed up as following:

  • Area Covered: One of the most important attributes of the laser light is how much area it can cover. You should check the parameter where the laser light will be operational before buying one. It should perfectly fit the background/wall or area you are planning to decorate.
  • Coloring: Most of the laser lights operate on red and green lighting while the high-end models also offer yellow and blue lights. You should make sure that the lights offer the correct color scheme which will suit the area/background you want to decorate. Also, some laser lights are even powerful enough to work in dim evening lights, for the added effect.
  • Versatility: You have to make sure that the laser patterns are versatile enough to work both outdoors and indoors and can even be used for different events. Also, avoid static patterns. You will probably want to buy the ones that are in full motion every time since they are more fun and static patterns often become boring after a while.
  • Number of Slides Offered: There are different number of slides and patterns offered in different laser lights. The more, the better. You should check the variety of patterns available in the same laser light device before buying one.
  • Remote Operation: Remote operated laser lights are for those with a relatively high budget. It lets you control the functions and lighting even from far away with ease and convenience. This is best used outdoors.

Best Laser Christmas Lights Products Review

Christmas is an important festival celebrated by millions of people all over the world. This is the time of the year when The Christmas Spirit catches up with everyone. People decorate their homes with Christmas trees and some artwork to depict the birth of Jesus Christ. The first thing that comes to everyone’s mind when people think of Christmas is the Christmas tree and the decoration that is done during Christmas. Keeping a Christmas tree during Christmas has a very ancient history. It was done to symbolize the end of winter and the coming of spring during the Pre-Christian era. It became a trend and is being followed till now.

Below is a list of laser Christmas lights which have been popular:

#1 - Star Shower Motion Laser Lights Star Projector

  • The product has two basic functions when it comes to motion. If anyone wants to make things fun and dynamic one can activate the motion function or if one is a rather subtle taste he/she can leave it on freeze mode.
  • It has built-in sensors which automatically turns the lights on during the night and switches them off during the day.
  • One can choose two options when it comes to the color of the lights-both green and red together or just green.
Star Shower Motion Laser Lights Star Projector
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#2 - 18 Pattern Christmas Light from Geekers

  • This product by Geekers spices things up by providing 18 different lighting patterns and creates a dynamic ambiance.
  • The colors of the lights are red, green and blue.
  • It comes with an efficient in-built heat dissipation system.
  • Comes with a pivot, indoor stand, and stake for both indoor and outdoor use.
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#3 - Christmas Light Projector by Optlaser

  • The energy saving technology saves you the cost of paying electricity bills and thus lets you leave the light on for as long as you want.
  • The projector is easy to install and can be just plugged in and played.
  • The wireless remote control has a long range of around 50 feet.
  • The projector has been designed with a timer and hence can automatically turn off after your desired time.
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  • It is a small design and is waterproof.
  • One can select the flash and spin duration.
  • The product comes with a wireless remote control which has a very comfortable range of around six meters.
  • It sports to bases on is a flat one for plain or level surfaces while another is a spike for use in the garden for the firm footing of the projector.
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  • With several modes to choose from it makes sure you have the right setting for the right occasion.
  • In-built fan for better cooling of the laser diode.
  • Aluminium body with a tripod for firm standing.
  • Single as well as multi-color mode.
  • It can be left in the automatic or sound activated mode.
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How to control the Light projector?

Are they useful for just Christmas decoration?

Are they Waterproof?

Can we view the laser directly through our eyes?

Why We Love Laser Christmas Lights

With Christmas tree came its decorations. People started decorating Christmas trees with various Christian ornaments, apples, Christmas baubles and candles. It was started during the 18th century by decorating the Christmas tree with candles. It symbolized the victory of Jesus as the light source over evil which is darkness. Christmas lights came into existence during 1880’s after electricity was discovered. Edward. H. Johnson, an associate of inventor Thomas Edison kept the world’s 1st electrically illuminated Christmas tree in his home. He used some 80 incandescent bulbs of red, white and blue colors to light his Christmas tree. It gained popularity and everyone started to follow it.

One question to be asked is why do people love Christmas lights so much? The answer is really simple. People love to see colorful lights and to decorate their home. It gives them a pleasure to see their home and surroundings illuminated by light. Children also enjoy seeing different colors of light glowing in their homes. It also helped to light up their homes and streets during the night time and gave them some warmth during the cold winters. As technology developed the way we use lights has also developed. People replaced incandescent lights with LED’s as they were cheaper. Then with the invention of Laser, Laser lights were used. They had more brightness and intensity. Public monuments, parks and government buildings were also illuminated with laser light. Laser shows were also started which became more popular.

Laser Project Technology – Why Use It

A device that projects changing laser beams on a screen is called as a Laser Projector. It was invented in the 20th century and has been used for laser shows, pop concerts and national holidays to display colorful laser projection everywhere. It is a visual treat for us to watch those laser shows. From 2015 onwards it has been introduced for Christmas laser projection at homes. They can create lights of different wavelengths and different varieties of colors are possible. Their main advantages are faster switching capabilities (on/off) and longevity.

Pricing and Requirements

There are various brands that offer Christmas laser projectors. Some of them are Chinese brands which offer cheap products with very little quality. Hence people must be careful in choosing the brand that they wish to use. The price of these projectors varies between $100 - $500 dollars. People can get a good product with close to 10,000 hours of light action.  There are projectors available with different color combinations and hence people can choose the colors that they wish to display. It can be installed outdoors in a lawn or garden as well as indoors in a big room or a hall. It can project light up to 300 feet and hence having good spacing is necessary. It comes with a standard power plug and a 5m long power cable. A standard power supply is needed for the projector to work.

Final Words

A Christmas laser light projector saves you a lot of hard work at time. Another big advantage of having your decorations done with laser lights is that it is quite safe when kids are around. You can go through the given list and choose the lightings which are suitable for your specific use and requirements.

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