How to Convert your Photo to Painting using InstaPainting?

Painting is one of the best art where you can just use brushes and colours and create something unique on a canvas. Painting is not an easy art and it is evolving day by day. Paintings can easily be done on a surface or digitally on a computer using a software. There are many different types of Painting and some popular out of the list are

Oil Painting – Oil Painting is a process of painting with pigment and oil colors as a binder. Some of the commonly used oils in Oil Painting are linseed oil, walnut oil, safflower oil, poppy seed oil, etc.

Charcoal Drawing – Charcoal Drawing is one of the oldest art and it is used for professional black and white images simply using a charcoal and an eraser. 

Digital Painting – Digital Painting is one of the emerging art evolving day by day using traditional painting techniques like watercolor, oil, etc. using a computer software such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, etc.

Watercolor Painting – Watercolor Painting is an old painting technique in which the paints are made up of pigments and released into the water. Watercolor Painting is mostly done on the paper. Mixing of right colors is really very important as it can change the whole look of the painting.

3D Painting – 3D Painting is painting technique in which paintings are often created from any physical object in the three-dimensional form.

There are a lot of websites and mobile applications that allow you to convert your photo to painting online but the problem with such websites is that they are generated automatically using algorithms.

Whereas, the paintings, which are created on canvas, are the physical paintings created by the artists.

The quality of the online digital painting is very low when compared to a hand-painted painting and these are the problems faced when using a digital painting software.

  1. Less Accurate
  2. Low-Quality
  3. Printing Problem
  4. Difference in Color Quality

To overcome such problems it is better to convert your photo to painting with a help of a proper artist and there are many websites that offer services to convert your photos into a physical painting.

One of the best websites that offer such service is InstaPainting where you can upload your photo and they will get it hand-painted on a canvas. The service is very much affordable as well as worth every penny. 

InstaPainting provides custom art services all over the world and some of the popular services are an oil painting, mixed-media painting, watercolor painting, colored pencil drawing, charcoal drawing, pencil drawing, etc.

You can even buy Gift Cards at a discounted rate to gift custom art to your loved ones. The Approach of InstaPainting is unique; as they do not have in-house artists, instead they have artists worldwide. The best part of InstaPainting is that when you order their services they allow unlimited revisions. In case if you would like to cancel your order, you can even cancel your order within 24 hours of ordering. There is no hidden cost and the worldwide shipping is free with tracking and insurance.

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