Creative Ways to Use Coffee in the Kitchen

Everyone loves coffee, but what are some alternatives to using coffee in the kitchen? Here are the top two ideas that might interest you for future recipes or even ideas to use within the home that include coffee.

Creative Ways to Use Coffee in the Kitchen

1. Cold Brew Ice Cubes

It is a hot day, but coffee just sounds amazing, but there is no way to head down to the local store to get your Frappuccino. What should you do? Simple, just make your own. If you know that it is going to be hot for the next few days, why not just make your own cold drink? All you have to do is brew your special coffee and let it cool for a little while. Instead of putting it into a cup to drink, add it to an ice cube tray. Once your brew is added, add your creamer and sugar and stir. Sit it into the freezer and allow the cubes to get solid.

They might take a few minutes longer because it is hot liquid. However once they are cooled and frozen, brew an additional cup of coffee and make your normal cup of Joe. Then add a few of the ice cubes to get it chilled, relax and enjoy. You can then have extra coffee cubes for a later drink and you are all set. Hint: If you want a Frappuccino, just blend the cubes with a little hot coffee and put in a cup with some whipped cream and caramel, and boom, you are set!

2. Coffee Ground Rubs

Your skin is in dire need of exfoliation, but you just ran out of your favorite apricot scrub and you just do not feel like going to the store, then just make your own coffee scrub! It works in the shower and works just on your face, not to mention it is simple to make. If you have a cup of coffee that has already been brewed, and your coffee grinds are still left over, add them to a bowl with a small amount of canola oil. Mix the ingredients together until you have a paste. You are welcome to add a few additional ingredients, like pepper or even steaks in some peoples case, but it is not a necessary, the olive or canola oil and coffee grinds will work exceptional just by themselves.

Once you have the mixture mixed into a paste, apply generously to your face; just do not get it on your eyes. Make sure also to do this over a sink or in the shower, as the grinds can be a little messy. Apply to the skin and treat it the same that you would with any other facial scrub. Rinse and pat dry. Fresh! You will get a slight booster from this technique because of the natural caffeine the coffee produces so it makes a great wake up clean for you face. You can store the left over mixture in a jar, just make sure to not let it sit in the sun and use it within seven to ten days or it will go bad. Other than that enjoy your energized face and continue with you day. Its rejuvenating to know you can do this with just simply coffee and oil.

In conclusion, there are so many ways to enjoy coffee and use coffee in the kitchen. What are you using with coffee? You can use it for natural odor removal, cleaning pots and pans, or even compost. Coffee is even a natural remedy to help with bowel movements, so the results with coffee are endless. Let us know what you have use coffee for in the past? If you’re looking for a great coffee to try these techniques, try looking (company name) up and tell us what you think when you try a creative way to use coffee in your kitchen.

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