ClubCrush Portable Blender Review (Must Read)

Are you a health expert in your home who is in charge of proper nutrition intake for each member? If yes, you deserve a medal! Modern lifestyle has changed the way of nutrition. Earlier dairy products and a natural diet were sufficient to fill the mandatory requirements of a healthy diet. But now, every good thing is losing its value!

Kids are more attracted to the fast food that lacks the nutritional value as that of home-cooked food. Mothers always complain about their kids turning away from the green leafy vegetables. Thanks to the advanced technology you can now hide them in the favorite foods of the kids or try to blend within their favorite smoothies.

Portable blenders are one such technological advancement in the traditional kitchen appliances that guarantees freshly prepared juices and smoothies within few seconds only. You do not need to have a stale or discolored juice when you can prepare a fresh one for you. Out of all of the portable blenders available in the market, ClubCrush is leading the race with its multiple benefits over other products.

What is ClubCrush Portable Blender?

ClubCrush portable blender is a compact and powerful blender that works on batteries. It is lightweight and is a perfect traveling partner. It guarantees the best nutrition to you while you do not have to do that extra mile from your modern lifestyle.

ClubCrush Portable Blender

ClubCrush is a convenient and one-touch blender. It is specifically designed to solve the problem of stale smoothies. You just need to put the vegetables in ClubCrush and within few seconds you get the best freshly prepared smoothie. It is simple to use and clean as well.

Technical Facts, Specifications, and Features:

The features of ClubCrush are:

  • It has a powerful 5200mAh battery.
  • It is made up of 1005 food-grade Tritan that does not contain harmful Bisphenol S and is free from BPA as well.
  • It has for leafed 304 stainless steel blades.
  • It has a blending speed of 16,500 revolutions per minute.
  • It complies with Restriction to Hazardous Substances (RoHS) and is approved by the FDA.
  • It can deliver about a dozen smoothies in one charging cycle.
  • It is shatterproof.
  • It is free from tangling wires.
  • It is lightweight and easy to carry.
  • It is easy to clean and disassembles into three different units.
  • It can be used for juices, smoothies, cocktails, baby food, protein shakes, etc.

ClubCrush is a top-quality appliance that is made up of the top-quality ingredients using best-advanced technology. ClubCrush scores high on utilization, versatility, and most importantly on maintenance.

pros and Cons of ClubCrush Portable Blender


The advantages of ClubCrush portable blender are:

  1. It has a one-button operation and thus is easy to operate.
  2. It is a powerful blender with stainless steel blades that performs effectively for every type of fruit or vegetable.
  3. It can be charged easily. You do not need to search for power sockets for using ClubCrush.
  4. It is a cordless blender and hence can be anywhere at the office, home, picnic, or any other place.
  5. It is easy to clean and the entire unit disassembles into 3 sub units for proper cleaning.
  6. It aids in a healthy diet as it gives us the freedom to prepare the smoothies at the time of consumption only.
  7. It is available at cheap rates as compared to the other portable blenders available in the market.

If you long for freshly prepared healthy food, then ClubCrush is an ideal blender for you. No more consumption of stale smoothies to manage your health. Prepare fresh juices, vegetable smoothies, baby food, and what not and all this in your miracle blender.


There are no known disadvantages of ClubCrush portable blender except that:

  • It is available online only.

Why ClubCrush Portable Blender?

Portable blenders have the inherited benefits of:

  • Ease to use.
  • Lightweight and compactness.
  • Does not require a direct power supply.
  • Can be used at remote places, picnics, family outings, etc.
  • Easy to clean.

All these advantages make the portable blenders an ideal choice over the traditional and heavy mixer, juicer, and grinders. Now, the question comes that how can we choose the best portable blender for us?

First of all, the portable blender must be compact like ClubCrush. The lightweight and ease in operation of ClubCrush make it an ideal traveling partner. It has a one-button operation. You do not need to worry about its cleaning.  Just wash it and it is good to go!

Secondly, a portable blender should be powerful. You can’t expect loaves of fruits in your favorite juice. It should have strong blades like ClubCrush portable blender that are made up of steel and can blend the ingredients with super-fast speed.

Thirdly, ClubCrush is cheap as compared to the other portable blenders available in the market. The high efficiency of the working of ClubCrush does not try to take over its price. It is available at an affordable price and is a durable product.

Last but not least is the use of high-grade plastic and steel in the manufacturing of ClubCrush. You can drink directly from the BPA-free jar of ClubCrush.

How does it work?

ClubCrush is a portable blender that works in three easy steps:

  1. Put the ingredients into the jar of the blender.
  2. Attach the jar to the motor unit and switch it on.
  3. Look for the required consistency through the transparent jar and turn it off.

Thus your required recipe is ready in three easy steps only. You can wash ClubCrush with water and it is ready for the next use. It does not require any specialized maintenance.

ClubCrush works powerfully on the ingredients. Once you turn its motor on, the high-performing blades that are made up of stainless steel rotate at 16,500 revolutions per minute and blend through the ingredients properly.

The transparent jar of ClubCrush allows you to reach the desired consistency in your drink. The most useful part about the portability of ClubCrush is that you do not need to carry extra mug as you can drink in the jar itself that is made up of high-grade BPS free plastic.

Rating and Reviews:

ClubCrush gains a top rating of 5-stars based on the usage by our review team. The users of ClubCrush also leave a positive response about the product.

One user of ClubCrush credits it with the advantage of fulfilling daily green vegetable quota to her husband and kids. Her kids hate vegetables and it was difficult for her to make them eat. Thanks to ClubCrush, she can now put the vegetables in the smoothies and her kids are having the essentials without their knowledge.

The other user of ClubCrush is fond of cooking and now proudly owns two units of ClubCrush. He uses one for chopping tomatoes with garlic, etc. and the second one for making smoothies.

Another user of ClubCrush terms it as a very convenient device as it is cordless and easy to use. He didn’t have good eating habits but with the use of ClubCrush, he can have the mandatory nutrients and vitamins in his diet. He is enjoying his ClubCrush.

ClubCrush Portable Blender Price:

The cost of ClubCrush portable blender is $107.62. The company offers a special 50% promotional discount and it is available at $69.95 to the customers. The discounts are not limited to this only.

If you are looking for multiple units of ClubCrush but are worried about the best utilization of your money, leave the things on ClubCrush manufacturers. The specialized package deals on ClubCrush make an easy choice for the customers. The “Couples Pack” has 2 units of ClubCrush at $109.95 only. The 3 units of ClubCrush come in “Friends Pack” and are available at $129.95. The 4 units of ClubCrush are available at an economical rate of $159.95 only under the “Full House Pack”.

Where to Buy?

Going by the popularity of ClubCrush and its heavy demand, it is recommended to buy ClubCrush from its official website only.

The company offers special discounts on single and multiple purchases of ClubCrush. Along with this, there is another offer of $10 off on the next purchase of your ClubCrush. To take the customer satisfaction to the next level, the company provides a 30-days money-back guarantee on ClubCrush. The customers are eligible for a refund in case they are not satisfied with the quality of the product; however, chances are rare that ClubCrush will disappoint you.


ClubCrush is a compact yet powerful portable blender that serves high on its purpose. It is cheap, compact, works on batteries, can be used at remote locations, require the least maintenance, and is made using the best products.

If you are still thinking of buying a good portable juicer for you, ClubCrush portable blender is the perfect option for you. It is high on performance and low prices. Grab a one for you now!

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