BuzzBGone Review – Best Electric Mosquito Killer Device?

All of us face the problem of insects. Be it bugs, mosquitoes, houseflies, or any other insects, you can never underestimate them. Most of the insects hibernate during winters and come out in rainy or summer seasons. This problem of insects calls for an immediate solution.

There are multiple solutions to the insects. You can go for pest control or anti-insects products. The main problem with the costly pest control is that they use heavy chemicals that are not environment-friendly and pose health hazards as well. The issues with anti-insects products like mosquito repellent liquids or body lotions are the high level of toxic substances and limited effectiveness that restrict their use.

An ideal solution thus needs to be a natural way to get relief from insect problems effectively. Some electronic machines are designed that work on effectively removing the insects. The best are the insect zappers that trap the insects inside them and do not allow them to flee away. Here we bring to you the best insect zapper.

What is BuzzBGone?

BuzzBGone is an insect zapper that traps the insects and then kills them inside it. It is cylindrical in shape and USB enabled. Hence, BuzzBGone can be used inside the room, at rooftops, in family outings, etc. It is lightweight and hence can be easily carried from one place to another.


BuzzBGone works on direct power or power bank. Hence, it is a portable insect zapper. It has got its name from its very working of eliminating the buzz of the wings of the insects. You do not need to pray to be safe from the rashes and bruises caused by insect bites when you have BuzzBGone with you. Let us have a look at the amazing features of BuzzBGone.

Features of BuzzBGone:

The features of BuzzBGone are:

  • It has a USB charging port that can be used to work on direct power, power bank, or can be charged as well.
  • It has a powerful 360 degrees suction fan that creates a strong pull for the nearby flying insects.
  • It has UV phototaxis-thermotaxis-inducing light that attracts the insects towards the machine.
  • It is easy to use and can be used inside or outside according to the requirement.
  • It is a compact and stylish cylindrical.
  • It is free from any type of hazardous or toxic materials.

Among all of the other features, the non-hazardous way of repelling insects and portability are the key features of the BuzzBGone device. Let us understand how BuzzBGone works in keeping your place free from unwanted guests like bugs, flies, mosquitoes, etc.

How BuzzBGone works?

There is no detailed procedure to be followed to use BuzzBGone. You can use it in three easy steps:

  1. Plug BuzzBGone to a power source using the USB slot.
  2. Place it in the required area.
  3. BuzzBGone is ready to work.

When the power is turned on, BuzzBGone starts emitting UV light that attracts the insects towards the device. Thus, the insect tries to come near to the device. Once the insect is near to BuzzBGone, the powerful suction created by the 360-degree fans sucks it into the lower cylindrical portion of the device.

The lower portion of BuzzBGone is a dehydrator that eliminates the fluid content from the body of insects and they die peacefully inside the device only. Thus, there is no mess of dead insects near or around the BuzzBGone.

BuzzBGone adopts a natural way of killing insects rather than using a chemical treatment. It is 100% safe for kids and old age persons as well. Let us have a detailed look at the positives of using BuzzBGone.

Advantages of BuzzBGone:

The advantages of using BuzzBGone are:

  1. It is portable as it works on USB charging mode. You can connect the device to power directly while indoors. If you need to use it at a remote location, you can attach it to a power bank or laptop as well.
  2. It is lightweight and compact. It is easy to carry and you can take BuzzBGone along with you as it does not add to your luggage.
  3. It is an effective solution to the problems of insects as it kills the insects by attracting them and then trapping them.
  4. It does not create a mess with the dead insects as they are stored in the lower part of the device which can be cleaned easily.
  5. It does not require any specialized maintenance.
  6. It kills insects using a natural way and does not create any issues to kids, old age persons, patients, etc.
  7. It has a noiseless operation and can be used while sleeping as well.
  8. It is free from harmful chemicals and toxins and hence is a 100% environment-friendly device.
  9. It is cheap as compared to the other options.

The two main advantages of cheap cost and natural working win the hearts of millions of people who have used BuzzBGone at their place. It is a safe way to stay protected from the allergies and diseases that are caused by small insects. So what should be the ideal price of such a useful and powerful electronic insect zapper?

BuzzBGone Price:

The cost of BuzzBGone is $61.52. It is currently available under a special 50% discount offered by the company. So, you will only have to pay $39.99 for your BuzzBGone. Isn’t it amazing?

Along with the discount on a single unit of BuzzBGone, the company also offers discounts over the package deals of BuzzBGone. The following are the best package deals offered on the BuzzBGone by the manufacturer:

  • “Double Coverage Pack” at $79.98 that has 2 units of BuzzBGone insect zapper.
  • “Triple Coverage Pack” at $89.98 that has 3 units of BuzzBGone insect zapper.
  • “Family Coverage Pack” at $109.97 that has 4 units of BuzzBGone insect zapper.

Have you decided on the best package for you? Let us tell you the right path to own a BuzzBGone.

Where to Buy BuzzBGone?

We recommend you to buy BuzzBGone from its official website only. There are discounts over the single and multiple buying of BuzzBGone and in addition to this; the company offers an additional $10 off your next purchase as well.

BuzzBGone comes with a 30-days money-back guarantee as well. So, in case you are not satisfied with the quality of the product, you can return your BuzzBGone and can get your money back easily. However, chances are rare that you will ever return this miracle machine.

Out of all of the options available in the market, let us now understand how do BuzzBGone is making an exception to all?

Why BuzzBGone?

The key points that separate BuzzBGone from other anti-insects products are:

  • It is a portable electronic device and does not need a static power connection for its working.
  • It works on the simple mechanism of attracting, trapping, and then killing the insects.
  • It does not create a fuss in the surroundings as it has a noise-free operation.
  • It does not require detailed maintenance and can be cleaned easily by emptying the lower part of the device.
  • It is a 100% natural way of keeping yourself safe from insects.
  • It is safe for kids as well.

BuzzBGone is a must-to-have insect repellent in case you are fond of outings.

Disadvantages of BuzzBGone:

There are no known advantages of BuzzBGone except for the fact that it is only available online. The highly positive customer reviews also verify the same.

Reviews and Ratings:

Our team gives BuzzBGone a 5-star rating. The customers also share positive reviews about BuzzBGone.

One customer terms BuzzBGone as an ideal traveling partner. She is a wildlife photographer and often has to stay in weird places. Thanks to BuzzBGone, she can sleep peacefully now.

Another customer says that BuzzBGone eliminates the use of any other anti-insect creams or solutions. It is an effective way of killing insects.

The other user of BuzzBGone shares that his best times while enjoying outdoor parties are not complete without BuzzBGone now.


  • How can I set up my BuzzBGone?

There is no requirement of setup. Just plug BuzzBGone into power and you are good to go.

  • How to clean BuzzBGone?

You can empty the lower portion of the device to remove dead insects.

  • Does BuzzBGone work for flies as well?

Yes, BuzzBGone is an effective solution for all types of insects.


BuzzBGone is an effective insect zapper that works hard on the insects but is light on your pocket. No more restrictions on enjoying natural places due to the fear of insects. BuzzBGone itself works naturally in protecting you from insects and the disease caused by them.

Grab a one for you or for your friend who is fond of outdoor expeditions or simply use it at your place to show the insects that you are the real boss!

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