Blaux Portable AC Review – Should I Buy it or NOT?

Summers are hotter than never before. If you are the kind of person who would prefer to hibernate in the winters, summers have some scope for you. The relaxation in the summer sun with long lazy evenings attracts everyone. Sadly, due to the increasing global warming, the summer temperatures are increasing beyond the relaxation limit.

Consumer durable industry has rightly understood the requirements of the ideal products and hence we have a varied range of fans, air conditioners, fridges, and what not? Products may be different but they all work in a single direction of providing relief from the scorching summer.

What if you get portability in the best summer electronic device?  The story that begins with providing the comfort in summers takes a turn to versatility and we get portable air conditioners as a by-product. Portable air conditioners are the compact air conditioners that can be taken to any place and effectively provides cooling. So what is the best portable AC for you?

What is Blaux Portable AC?

Blaux portable AC is a compact air conditioning unit that provides effective cooling. The most attractive feature of Blaux Portable AC is that it is small in size and lightweight so that it can be carried from one place to another without any hassle.

Blaux Portable AC

Blaux Portable AC is cheaper than any other portable air conditioner as it has a powerful battery and is made up of the best products available in the market. It is based on a simple yet robust design that is behind the superb efficiency of the product. Interested to know about the amazing features of the product?

Features of Blaux Portable AC:

The features of Blaux portable AC are:

  • It is simple to use and maintain.
  • It has a 200mAh lithium battery.
  • It can run for 8 hours in one charge.
  • The fan of Blaux portable AC pumps air at the speed of 2.7m/s.
  • It has a 300ml water tank.
  • It can be used as an air fan or as an air cooler.
  • It can be used as a humidifier on dry, hot summer days.
  • It delivers clean air by filtering the impurities.

Blaux portable AC has a robust construction and is made up of quality grade materials using high-end technology. It is multipurpose in use and easy to maintain. You do not need to give your Blaux portable AC for a scheduled maintenance service like other air cooling devices. So, how does Blaux portable AC achieves this efficiency? Let us help you to understand the working of Blaux portable AC.

How Blaux Portable AC works?

Will you buy a device that you are not able to crack the functioning? So do you need to be an Electronics expert in understanding the working mechanism of Blaux portable AC? Thankfully, Blaux portable AC works on the simple Peltier’s effect principle.

Peltier effect is a thermoelectric process. It works by changing the temperature by using the voltage difference between the two separate junctions. The incoming hot air is thus converted into cool air and is blown out using the high-speed fan of Blaux portable AC.

That is it! It is indeed simple to use your own Blaux portable AC in just three steps:

  1. Add water in the tank unit of Blaux portable AC.
  2. Insert the water curtain.
  3. Start the unit using the ON button and enjoy its cooling.

The ease of operation and simple working are not the only advantages of Blaux portable AC.

Advantages of Blaux Portable AC:

The main advantages of Blaux portable AC are:

  1. It can be used as an air fan, air cooler, air filter, and a humidifier according to the need of the user.
  2. It is compact and has a robust construction.
  3. It is lightweight and has straps to easily carry from one place to another.
  4. It has adjustable fan speeds so that you can go with the desired level of cooling.
  5. It has adjustable grills to give direction to the airflow.
  6. It works silently and does not produce sounds larger than 40dB.
  7. It is an affordable solution for air cooling as it has a powerful battery that runs longer with a single charge.

After having a look at the best advantages of Blaux portable AC, how much are you ready to pay for Blaux portable AC?

Blaux Portable AC Price:

The cost of Blaux portable AC is $138.45. The company offers a special promotional discount of flat 50% off and you can own your Blaux Portable AC in $89.99 only.

The discounts are not limited to the single unit of Blaux Portable AC. If you are looking to buy the multiple units, you can choose from any of the below package deals offered by the company:

  • “Too Cool Pack” offer 2 units of Blaux Portable AC at $179.98 only.
  • “Three’s Company Pack” has 3 units of Blaux Portable AC at $202.48 only.
  • “Mega Cool Pack” provides 4 units of Blaux Portable AC at $247.47 only.

Looking to order one for you, go for the following route to get the original Blaux Portable AC.

Where to Buy Blaux Portable AC?

It is advised to buy Blaux Portable AC from the official website only. You can take leverage of the discount offers of the manufacturer on single or multiple units of Blaux Portable AC.

Along with the discounts, Blaux Portable AC comes with a 30-days money-back guarantee. In case you are not satisfied with your Blaux Portable AC, you can simply return it to the manufacturer; however, chances are rare that you will ever avail of this money-back guarantee.

After having a detailed check on features, advantages, price of Blaux Portable AC, let us help you to understand why it should be your first choice?

Why Blaux Portable AC?

Blaux portable AC outshines the other similar category products as:

  • It is compact and lightweight than the other portable AC’s available in the market.
  • It has customization features like fan speed controls, air grill adjustments that make it perfect for everyone’s use.
  • It is made up of the best quality materials and is durable. You do not need to go for repairs again and again.
  • It is multipurpose as it serves as an air cooler, humidifier, simple fan and delivers filtered air only.
  • It has the largest air output among all of the portable AC’s available in the market.
  • It is cheap as compared to the other similar category products and can be categorized as a one-time-investment.
  • It works on lithium batteries and thus does not add to the monthly electricity bills like other powerful AC’s.

Disadvantages of Blaux Portable AC:

There are no known disadvantages of Blaux portable AC except for the fact that it is available online only. The reviews of the customers of the product verified the same.

Reviews and Ratings:

Based on the use of Blaux portable AC by our team, we give it a top rating of 5-stars. Let us check the feedback shared by the customers.

One customer of Blaux portable AC terms it as a silent air provider. She uses to sleep near to her fan but the noise makes it very uncomfortable. Now with Blaux portable AC, she can have the cold smoothening breeze without the hassles of noise.

Another user of Blaux portable AC says that he has bought it for his father who uses to polish the rocks in a room. His father is very much satisfied with the product and can now work more efficiently.

The other user of Blaux portable AC calls it a sheer lovable device that makes her happy. She is fond of keeping her unit near to her while she is reading on a hot summer day. She recommends Blaux portable AC to all who love summers but want to get some real relief on the hottest days.


  • Can I use Blaux portable AC without pouring water?

Yes, you can use Blaux portable AC with or without water.

  • Can I use Blaux portable AC in the night?

Absolutely, you can use the unit at night as it runs for 8 hours with a single full recharge.

  • How can I clean my Blaux portable AC?

You can clean your unit with a soft and dry cloth.

  • Can I use Blaux portable AC for my kids?

Yes it is a safe product that can be used for kids as well.


Scorching summers need a powerful solution. Blaux portable AC is one such bang-on answer to the increasing heat and dryness of summers. Whether you are on an outing, reading at your place, or working in the afternoon, the cooling of Blaux portable AC never lets you down.

Still, thinking about buying an ideal portable AC for you for this summer that is affordable too? Grab the Blaux portable AC right now!

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