The 5 Best Under Seat Gun Safe Review In 2020 (Review)

A gun is a valuable asset we proudly own to guard ourselves and wealth. After driving always leave your pistol under the car seat locked in a secure safe.

A gun is a prestigious and crucial tool everyone desires to possess to protect oneself, loved ones, and property. Responsible ownership of a firearm requires caution when handling and storing your gun. Every gun owner ought to keep their defense tool safe. There are many instances of guns disappearing mysteriously as a result of carelessness. 

Best Under Seat Gun Safe

You might easily leave your pistol lying openly on the driver’s seat or on the couch especially when you are in a hurry. That exposed position is perfect for an opportunist who is probably monitoring you. A stray gun in the hands of a criminal is a recipe for disaster.

Best Under Seat Gun Safe Review

Well, you can purchase a presentable and durable gun safe to avert theft and enhance maintenance of your security gadget. Always uphold responsible and professional gun ownership with a standard gun safe. Here are the 5 best under seat gun safe reviews.

1. Club LB200 Security Lock Box

The Club LB200 Personal Vault Security Lock Box

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as of April 13, 2021 4:25 pm


  • Ultralightweight & Portable
  • Diverse Storage with a Personal Touch
  • Auto-Fit to Car-Seat Mounts
  • Multi-Setting Suitability
  • Two Keys Included

Are you obsessed with acquiring a lightweight safe for your firearm and other small treasures? I mean, you are bored by bulky boxes and possible risks of leaving your security pet exposed? Look no further! As always, Winner International remains committed to producing extraordinary products for safety and security every day.

Club LB200 Security Lockbox is the latest high-quality safe you need to sample from the market. This lovely security gadget weighs only 3.25 pounds and the size is 8.9 × 6.5 × 3 inches, Model LB200.

Safety touches on many small personal items. Therefore, I’m sure that you would prefer equipment that will combine an assortment of those things that you want to guard at a central point. Club Personal Security Lock Box is more than just an under seat gun safe. It’s a multipurpose safe to meet your list of needs. You can comfortably put your gun, money, phone, keys, jewelry, and camera. Is that not a deal? You just dig shallowly to your pocket and get your beloved stuff together.

It is possible that you have purchased another brand of under seat safe that was either baggy or did not fit properly and you were disappointed. Club LB200 is a timely solution for you. The manufacturer assembled this wonderful fellow with you in mind following many similar cases. Remember, necessity is the mother of invention.

The Winner team launched Club LB200 with such precision that it perfectly fits under most vehicle seats. You position it under the seat and secure it with a braided steel cable. Your belongings will be more than safe and easy to access even for an emergency. The safe will give you a feel of confidentiality and peace of mind as you go about your daily duties.

Club LB200 is a must-buy for you and your loved ones to protect your hard-earned money and accrued wealth.

A quality product is not confined to one setting. For maximum utilization, it should be useful at different places especially if you are that guy who is always on transit. Club LB200 Lock Box is portable and suitable for securing your variables in your car, RVs, restaurant, office, boat, and campsite, just to name a few. It is your close partner that serves as your pocket or backpack. What more do you ask for?

Again, with Winner International, the customer comes first. Club LB200 Lock Box comes with two keys. You can safely keep one safely in case of a rainy day because often we misplace keys and end up desperate seeking for breakage options.

Buy this innovative product from a renowned manufacturer for a fine touch on security, and safety. Your choice is nothing less than value for your money! Make this order and get your delivery on Amazon. Go light, go safe with Club LB200 Lock Box.

2. Nova USA Cobra Portable In-car Gun Safe

Nova Usa Collection Cobra Vaults Portable In Car Gun Safe Case

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as of April 13, 2021 4:25 pm


  • Intelligent Design
  • Heavy-Gauge Car Pistol Safe with Steel Construction
  • Ideal for Various Ammunitions
  • Extra-Safe Key Mechanism
  • Mounts Almost Anywhere
  • Extra Security Cable
  • Kid-Friendly Edges
  • TSA Compliant

Nova Cobra Gun Safe is a world-class and presentable store for your firearm. It is lined inside with thick safety foam interior to protect firearms from damage. It is ideal for a car, home, and office to keep you confident that your firearm is secure.

Nova safe weighs 3.38 pounds and the dimensions are 11 × 8.34 × 2.28 inches, spacious enough to keep the largest handguns. The intelligent design entails compact size with sufficient space inside making the safe versatile. Nova Safe is constructed with heavy-gauge steel to make it durable and absolutely secure from external interference.

You may use it with pistols, ammunition, revolvers, tactical tools, jewelry, money, and vital documents. Nova safe fits many locations including the car, bedside, airport, and hanging on the wall. The lock and key to this safe are unique to deny access to any stranger with a fake key. This safe mounts easily at your preferred point because it comes with two holes on the bottom of the vault.

Nova Safe is packed with a security cable 38 inches and portable cable 8 inches, 1500 lb test cable. If you are a parent you don’t have to worry because kids can handle the safe safely because it has round edges. When you are buying safe and related items, one of the requirements is standard quality. That, you can rest assured with Nova USA products. Nova safe meets TSA airline firearm guidelines.

Nova Cobra Safe can be bought without minding the dimensions of your gun and it will still be compatible. You also have an added advantage of storing the gun with its accessories. This is a recommendable choice for all that you need to buy.

3. Bulldog Cases Car Safe with Key Lock

Bulldog Cases Car Safe with Key Lock

$42.93  in stock
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as of April 13, 2021 4:25 pm


  • Heavy-Duty Steel Construction
  • Deluxe Key Style Lock
  • Mounting-Friendly
  • Scratch-Free Interior

This is an exceptional and secure safe that will make a perfect abode for your pistol. Bulldog is sold as a complete package of safe, key lock, mounting bracket, and a black cable. Bulldog Safe is portable and has exterior dimensions of 11.3 × 6.9 × 2.2 inches and, weighs 5 pounds.

The accompanying hardware makes sure that you mount the vault at any place you deem fit. Bulldog Car Safe is built of steel with a matte-black powder-coated finish to make it durable and pleasant. The lock mechanism is amazing. You cannot remove the box from the mounting bracket before you unlock it.

When it comes to mounting the safe at your selected position, your work becomes very easy - you just manipulate the mounting hardware. You may instead use the 3’ security cable. The interior of Bulldog Safe is soft, scratch-free, and durable.

This is a perfect surface for your firearm. Keep your handgun safe in your car, at home or in the office with Bulldog Cases Car Safe today. Get a valuable asset at an unbeatable price. Place your order now.

4. COOCHER Portable in-car Gun Safe

COOCHEER Portable in Car Gun Safe Case

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as of April 13, 2021 4:25 pm


  • Strong and Secure Case
  • Compact & Confidential
  • Unique Design
  • Multiple application
  • Perfect In-Car Fit and Durable

Pick this power store for full-size pistol or handgun. Your package includes the safe, a key lock, 2 backup keys, a user manual, 4 ft. security cable, and a carrying cable. COOCHER safe is silver in color, weighs 3.3 pounds, and its dimensions are 9.4 × 7.1 × 3.7 inches. This safe is ideal for cars, vans, trucks, boats, campers and other instances of ‘on the go’ security.

Do you have other essential items that you want to keep together with your pistol? COOCHER Safe is the answer. Put the gun inside, your cell phone, keys, GPS units, wallet, MP3 player, and documents.

COOCHER is a strong car security safe in structure. It has a combination lock and braided steel that attaches smoothly to tight spaces in a car. The compact structure firmly holds a pistol, documents, cash, and jewelry saving you the burden and discomfort of carrying those items separately. Each case comprises of a special lock number, two keys, and soft foam (prevents possible damage by vibrations in a car).

Sometimes you don’t have time to waste and you want your gun and other stuff to be in place fast. COOCHER Gun Safe fits very well under most seats in the vehicle for easy access to whatever you want. The safe is built of heavy-gauge steel which is extremely durable to offer you a lifetime of service.

This is an item you don’t want to overlook in your next shopping for a safe. Order yours and delight in all-inclusive service.

5. Stack-On PC-1665 Portable Locking Case with Electronic Locker

Stack-On PC-1665 Portable Locking Case with Electronic Lock

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as of April 13, 2021 4:25 pm


  • Automatic Electronic Lock
  • Multi-Purpose Storage
  • A Battery Warning System
  • Foam-Padded Interior
  • Stealthy Opening
  • Meets TSA Airline Guidelines

With the invention of solutions for gun storage that wasn’t enough. The technology team was prompted to cater for other needs – to create room for accompaniments rather than just the gun. As a result, the safe was modified to a lockbox. Now the contemporary challenge is “the villainous interested parties” That evil guy gradually monitors you to find out where you place your safe and try to track how you unlock it to unleash the pistol, money and other items of worth as you carry on your daily errands.

As a matter of fact, we then need to go absolutely digital. This requires some power and extraordinary feature to beef up the security of our cherished belongings. This significant need prompted the development of an electronic lockbox that would encompass storage as well as security from a third party who is interested in your personal collection.

Stack-On PC-1665 Electronic Lock uses 4 AAA alkaline batteries with the dimensions 8.2 × 11 × 2.4 inches. It weighs 6.9 pounds.

PC-1665 Electronic Lock features a rare electronic lock system that is powered by batteries to function efficiently. The system allows you to program the 3-8 security combination sequence including 2 backup keys. The exceptional security tip is that when you enter a wrong combination thrice in a row, the system locks out for 1 minute. Further wrong attempts lead to another blockage which takes 5 minutes.

What a deal! This will keep the enemy at bay with his or her incorrect trial codes. All you need is a complex combination of digits that cannot be guessed or mastered easily in case of monitoring. Furthermore, your code is your secret. Wait no more! Unlock PC-1665 Electronic Lock from the Amazon shelves.

Diversity in storage is so far a major factor to consider when selecting a gun safe, for an all-inclusive experience. PC-1665 Electronic Lock is tailor-made for all your vital pocket items. It is designed to secure a gun, credit cards, wallet, money, and cell phone; while you are on the go. The design is slimline to make it easy to store this device under the seat of a car or in a briefcase.

I guess the question lingering in your mind is: “What if the battery runs out of power?” Fear not! Such a predicament can only occur under your watch. PC-1665 Electronic Lock has a low battery warning system that alerts you to replace the batteries. Act immediately you get this alert. The gadget also has 2 backup keys. And for a piece of advice, the system will work best for longer with Polaroid AAA batteries.

The interior of the lockbox is the basic part of the gadget. PC-1665 Electronic Lock has a fluffy interior padded with foam to make sure that the constituents are safe from external shock during transit. When you are using the box you can easily silence the audible tones for the stealthy opening. Attach this lock box to the car seat or any other stationary object using the steel cable provided.

PC-1665 is ideal for airports and flight because it meets the guidelines of TSA airline. Hurry up and upgrade the troublesome obsolete safe to this contemporary on-transit solution. Visit Amazon and place your order. Complete your transaction and get your selection on time at your doorstep.

Shopping Guide

As an esteemed prospect, guidance is in order while you go shopping so that you get the best under seat gun safe in the market vis-à-vis your preference and specifications. You can bear me witness that Amazon online store is the best one-stop shop for all your needs. It is the hub of assortments ranging from electronics to home furniture, software, and clothing.

Apart from quality, certification and approval of products by relevant authorities is the other reason why you should shop at Amazon. I believe now you are determined to get a new lockbox. 

The following factors will inspire your selection:

  • Structure
    Bearing in mind that the main item to store and carry is a firearm, it goes without saying that you need a strong gun safe. With regard to that, a strong steel construction handles the weight of the gun amicably. While the exterior is tough to prevent damage the interior is vice versa to provide a gentle environment for the sensitive firearm and other personal essentials.

  • Purpose
    To realize the utmost value for your money, a multi-purpose lock box is better than just a limited gun safe. It feels nice to pack your confidential items together for fast access than at scattered points of luggage.

  • Fitness
    It is disappointing to purchase an item and then it fails to fit at the place where you want to fix it. To avoid such an inconvenience, note the dimensions of the gun safe versus the place of attachment in your car and other target points of storage. A tight fit enhances the safety of the safe while traveling. Moreover, search the best fit from the variants in the shop.

  • User-friendly
    Nobody wants to buy a nagging and unpleasant item. What impresses you might not draw the attention of someone else. Nevertheless, there is always a satisfactory choice. As you shop for a safe, go for a slim design that you can easily slip under that seat or briefcase and it remains concealed. A lightweight product is more presentable and portable than bulky stuff.

  • Durability
    Always examine the material and the design of the commodities you are buying to find out how long they can last. Buy a long lasting under seat gun safe to save you recurrent purchases.


  • What material is the safe made of?
    The gun safe is made of heavy gauge steel ranging from 14-16 gauge. This sturdy construction makes it withstand external impact and ideal for holding the gun. The inside is lined with foam to prevent the gun from shaking around when you brake or make a turn.

  • Do I need to drill holes under the car seat to put the safe in place?
    Not really. Ensure that the surface beneath the seat is flat with enough space to fix and undo the mount. Use the mounting bracket or cable that comes with the safe to mount it firmly. In the case of permanent mounting, use countersunk hex drive socket screws that have Nylock nuts to attain a firm grip.

  • Is it possible to get a replacement lock or additional keys?
    That question can be answered best by the customer service personnel. The customer support team is standby 24/7 to attend to your queries and needs beyond the obvious. There is always a solution from the manufacturer so the supplier will see to it that you get assistance.

  • Can I use it in the hotel room safe?
    Yes. It is made to be used on any surface providing good fitting space for the safe. Therefore, it will depend on the facilities in the hotel.

  • How do I attach the cable to the box?
    Don’t worry. That is pretty simple. You attach the cable via a lock. Loop the cable around a mounted object. Attach the cable to the locking plug which you insert into the hollow to lock the drawer. Look at the images provided on the product page via the link given, for tutorials.

  • Is it fireproof? Waterproof?
    It is not. Safety from fire and water is your personal initiative. Always avoid contact between your safe and those hazards that can strike accidentally. However, neither is the material weak to be devoured or corroded easily.

  • Has the TSA approved this for travel?
    Yes. However, read the latest TSA regulations, local legislation, and airline policies to be on the safe side.


An gun safe is a necessary requirement for you as a gun owner. Amazon is the best supplier of the world-class variants of the gun safe. The brands are amazing and the products are the best you can get. The 5 under seat gun safe feature as the best sellers on the Amazon and they all have competitive price tags.

Consider the shopping guide and make a decision from this great selection and many more options. Be responsible for your gun and other private items. Visit Amazon and pick the best product.

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