Top 5 Best Shoes for Supination in the Market (Review)

Supination also referred to as under pronation is a congenital disability that is a significant cause of ankle injuries and other medical foot conditions. It is used to refer to ankles inward turning to make the person walk on outer foot edges. Most people are not aware that they have supinated feet until they come to learn about this term. 

Best Shoes for Supination in the Market

If you are thinking about purchasing supination shoes, it is essential that you familiarize yourself with a supination shoes market.

And in this article, we shall highlight a list the top five best supination shoes in the market and their features according to our professional research. Beyond the shoe review, we’ve included an exhaustive description of the shopping guide for purchasing the best supination shoes and the Frequently Asked Questions by supination shoe customers. 

Here you have everything that you need to know about supination shoes in the market.

Best Shoes for Supination in the Market

According to research, about eighty-five percent of runners are using the wrong type of shoes. It`s not a surprise that a majority of runners are increasingly getting injured for using the wrong set of shoes.

Even though supination is a real problem, with the perfect footwear, exercises, and stretches, the condition can be improved. You will need to purchase shoe that provides the required support, and comfort features. This is to help in preventing ankles and feet damage as well as alleviating the discomfort and pain that comes with this medical foot condition.

Sure, specialized orthopedic shoes are another awesome option to consider, but unfortunately, you’ll have to dig deeper in your pocket.

Let’s look at the Top 5 Best Shoes for Supination in the Market and a shopping guide to help you get your perfect supination shoe model when you go out shopping. 

1.ASICS Mens Gel-Venture 6 Running Shoe

ASICS Mens Gel-Venture 6 Running Shoe

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as of August 18, 2020 7:22 am


  • Has removable sock liner
  • Comfortable, soft material
  • Rearfoot gel cushioning
  • Flexible and breathable design
  • Supportive heel collar
  • Great traction

ASICS Mens Gel-Venture 6 Running Shoe is tailored explicitly for your supinated feet. It is a perfect shoe of choice for pavement, chip trails and off-road running. The midsole has a thick rearfoot gel cushioning that gives you ultimate comfort and protection of the muscle and joint area from excessive shock. It is also well breathable preventing unneeded running problems such as blisters.

The removable sock liner shows how much the shoe is dedicated to help people suffering from foot pain but still need a comfortable running shoe. Having been already tested on the ground, this supinated shoe has an excellent rubber grip that makes it stick to the surface excellently as you run.

The elegance of the shoe even off the road makes it multi-functional, and you may wear it during various activities. The mesh upper is available in different colors making it suitable to both female and male athletes. The lace-up reinforces the toe box to give it a natural fit style. Additionally, the shoe has been made using high quality and durable materials. You can mud puddle or run through the water without getting wet while maintaining cool feet throughout the long day. Once you have tasted ASICS venture 6 running shoe, am sure you will not go to any other brand.

The shoe has been professionally designed and approved by worldwide athletes. If you want a comfortable and cheap shoe for your running season, ASICS venture 6 is an excellent choice.

2.Brooks Mens Ghost 11

Brooks Men's Ghost 11 Ebony/Grey/Silver 7 D US

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as of August 18, 2020 7:22 am


  • Lightweight construction
  • Supportive and firm midsole
  • Great flexibility
  • Mesh upper
  • Mid-to-high arch
  • DNA loft crash pad

Brooks Mens Ghost 11 is designed with smart technologies with its users in mind. It is an excellent supination shoe that offers the right function and fit on each run. Your ride will be at the next level at every race. It has an in-shoe support mechanism and shock absorbent foam to prevent under-supination. This supination shoe has mid to high arch support to help solve supination problems.

The arch gives the foot proper alignment making it stable. A contoured midsole tops the arch with a cushion for ultimate comfortability. The mesh upper of brooks men ghost 11 supination shoe gives it an additional sense of style as well as excellent breathability. It provides suitable conditions for the feet by creating a significant barrier against the atmospheric moisture and allowing for breathability. Your shoes will be free from infections and sweat from your long days of running.

Moreover, the shoe has plushy and soft forms that give it extra traction and stability regardless of the type of surface. The shoes have lots of support and energized forms that help to keep your feet well aligned and supported.

The collar and tongue are manufactured from plush fabrics giving the area around your ankle a fantastic feeling. It is merely aimed at energizing, cushioning and connecting your run to a tremendous experience. The energized experience is divided into three levels including minimal, medium and high according to how much springy and responsive you want it to be. If you have a flat foot, this shoe may be discomforting for you. 

3.Hoka One One Men's Clifton 5

HOKA ONE ONE Men's Clifton 5 Running Shoe

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as of August 18, 2020 7:22 am


  • Triple zone mesh upper
  • U4ic midsole
  • Breathable and light
  • Cloud wave sole
  • Extra heel cushion
  • Premium sockliner

HOKA One One Clifton 5 is an excellent supination shoe that you need to look out for due to its cushioned, light and fast qualities. It is one of the companies that has managed to build a light and quick shoe yet cushioned and stable.

The shoe has an adaptive forefoot as well as a midsole overload with extra cushion for absorbing shock. This is of great importance to supinating runners. The shoe has ensured optimum breathability and comfort through the mesh construction as compared to the previous models.

The Hoka One One design comes with a heel angle that ensures natural midfoot to toe transition and back. A reinforcement is included in the shoe eye feature making it more durable. Additionally, this supination shoe features a full ethylene vinyl
acetate midsole that serves as a cushioning mechanism when the foot is striking the ground for maximum shock absorption.

The outsoleis made of durable rubber that gives you a firm grip on smooth surfaces as well as holding up against tear and wears. The meta-locker will ensure your ride is as smooth as possible. To understand better about this classic shoe, running in Hoka One One Clifton 5 feels like running on the clouds.

4.Mizuno Men's Wave Rider 22 Running shoe

Mizuno Men's Wave Rider 22 Running Shoe

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as of August 18, 2020 7:22 am


  • Triple zone mesh upper
  • U4ic midsole
  • Breathable and light
  • Cloud wave sole
  • Extra heel cushion
  • Premium sockliner

Mizuno wave rider is the favorite supination shoe for most runners because of its cushioned and soft ride. It is designed from Mizuno Cloud wave technology that gives it at utmost comfort. The technology uses the wave plate that scatters energy from the point of impact to a broader area. This way, you get to have a smooth and stable ride in your shoes.

The triple engineered mesh is a hard combo to find in shoes. It is a fantastic addition that helps to prevent irritation in the ankle or heel an act as a shock absorber.

Mizuno wave rider 22 has U4ic technology on the heel and midsole. The midsole is super breathable and flexible making it all ideal for an EVA midsole. It also helps to improve durability and cushioning. The distance between the sole height from toe to heel is about twelve point two millimeters. This is very high and is probably the reason that makes the shoe to work best for supinator. Mizuno wave rider is one of a kind. The cost of this supination shoe ranges from average to expensive. It is not consistent as the wave rider technology is new in the market.

As you out to purchase your supination shoe, this shoe offers you a lightweight and durable option. According to customers feedback, the shoe is phenomenal and a great addition to your supination collections.

5.Saucony Triumph ISO 4

Saucony Triumph ISO 4 Men 10.5

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as of August 18, 2020 7:22 am


  • ISOFIT technology
  • Evarun insole
  • Engineered mesh for breathability
  • Heel counter support frame
  • Great traction
  • Innovative lacing system

Saucony has risen to the most respected name when it comes to footwear manufacturing.

The company has come up with Saucony triumph ISO 4 which is one of the best choices of supination shoe for mid-arches. They are designed with the use of EVERUN technology that leaves you feeling alive. This technology is focused on providing continuous cushioning and enhancing energy return. You have most probably run in a shoe that makes you feel being slow and like it draining your energy.

Saucony has come up with this technology to prevent this energy drain. The ISOFIT feature is in the inner shoe sleeve that suits your shape and motion when running. It promotes the fit dynamic that adjusts to your strike making them ideal for supination. This provides a cushion for relieving shock or pain and enhanced running energy.

The Evarun insole makes you feel like you are running on air. The insole curves itself to the shape of your foot and is formed in a way that makes them maximize your performance in your exercise activities. Anybody who wants to buy a comfortable and classy shoe can afford these supination shoes. With this shoe, you are assured of excellent grip and forefoot cushioning. They have affordable prices regardless of your budget, and with all the additional features, these supination shoes are a band for the buck. 

Shopping Guide

There are many different varieties and companies to choose your shoe for supination. This makes it a difficult task and most people may get lost in the details. To find the perfect shoe to support your supination, you need to look out for specific features when you go out to make a purchase. This shopping guide will give you the factors that you need to consider when buying supination shoes.

  • Support

Support is the primary feature to consider when purchasing supination shoes. The best shoe should have cushioned arch support that stabilizes your foot by filling the curved foot part. The shoes are placed in three different categories that include supination, neutral and overpronation. Check for supination shoes under the category of supination, mid-to-high arches, and neutral-to supination. You will be the final judge according to the shape of your feet.

  • Cushion

Shock absorption is the biggest challenge for runners who have supination condition. They tend to have high shock levels that can cause damage to their lower legs. This is because they run on their foot outer section hence relying on their ankle and toes to absorb the shock produced. This brings the need for an extra cushion. This extra cushion will give relief to your ankles, feet, and legs causing less pain when running. You hence need to look for the extra cushion in the midsole. You will be certainly happier that you did. 

  • Durability

You don't want to pay the right amount of money for a supination shoe that is not durable. Ensure that the shoe has long durability before you buy. High-quality brands such as Nike, Saucony, ASICS, Brooks and New Balance manufacture their footwears with strong and durable materials. Customer product reviews can be useful in checking the durability of the shoe treads.

  • Flexibility

Running requires the ultimate flexibility. While cushioning is essential, it should be at a reasonable level that will not impact flexibility. You need to buy a flexible shoe that will distribute the impact evenly helping to spread the shock out to your entire foot other than spreading to the outer edges only. The best shoes have soft midsoles rather than dual density midsoles.

  • Brand manufacturer

The shoe manufacturing company has a significant impact on the quality of supination shoes. Ensure that you purchase your shoe from a quality and top footwear company. You should not use shortcuts here as you want the best shoe. You need to invest to see the real difference. Some of the quality supination companies include Nike, ASICS, Mizuno, New Balance, Brooks, and Saucony. I recommend that you stick with one of the company brands.

  • Customer reviews

It is vital to check out for customer reviews on the supination shoe before purchasing. Read about the good and bad experiences of supination customers who have already bought the shoe. The product reviews are priceless and give you confidence when buying the shoe of your choice. Amazon has the best platform to read customer reviews of each supination shoe. Read through some of the feedback and find the best shoe for your style of running.

  • Cost

Everybody considers the price of a product before purchasing especially with these rising economies. Most supination shoes are typically inexpensive and readily available for use. You should be conscious of the amount of money you spend on the shoes as they won’t last forever. However, cheap is always expensive and the higher the cost, the better the quality. Luxurious and costly shoes for supination are available. They can withstand daily usage for a longer time. Specialized orthopedic shoes are the most expensive. But your health has no price tag; hence every penny spent on supination shoes is worth it.


  • What is meant by pronation?

    Pronation is the process of weight transfer from the heel up to the toe. This often occurs unnaturally and leads to supination or overpronation.

  • What is meant by supination?

    Supination simply means foot under pronation. Most weight is taken on the outside of the foot without rotating inward. The weight stress is caused in the outer parts of the foot.

  • How can I know whether I have overpronation?

    The wet test is the best method to check out for overpronation. You will place your foot into water and then on a paper. You will then use the foot size to decide whether you are an overpronator. If you are an overpronator, the whole foot sole will be seen while if you are an under-pronator, only some sole part will be visible.

  • How does pronation cause an injury?

    Pronation causes specific parts of the tendons, muscles, and ligaments of your foot to be weight stressed. This way, it creates a wide range of injuries such as plantar fasciitis.

  • Which are some of the essential features of supination shoes?

    When going out to purchase the best supination shoes, the most significant features that you should look for include arch support with cushion and flexibility.

  • Do supination shoes have a one size fit all trend?

    Shoes for supination do not have a one size fit all trend. The shoe size that you choose wholly depends on you. The perfect choice of footwear should fit you perfectly with evenly distributed pressure as well as not being too loose nor too tight. Your foot toes should have enough space to breathe without being to overcrammed.

  • Are supination shoes ideal for everyday use other than running?

    Direct to the answer, yes supination shoes can be used for other days to day activities

    other than running. However, this mostly depends on the shoe design. Most of the supination shoes in the market are versatile for use in other activities including jogging, walking and going to work.

  • Can I find a suitable shoe for supination as a brand loyalist?

    It is apparent that you will have perfect shoes for supination from the brand you owe your loyalty to. More so, having your favorite brand reduces your burden on choosing the supination shoes from the many different options available in the market. Am plenty sure that your favorite brand is among those that produce high-quality footwear in the field of supination? The most popular include Brooks, Hoka One One, Nike, Adidas, ASICS, Saucony And Mizuno.

  • How can I correct supination?

    The best ways of correcting supination are by having orthopedic inserts. Alternatively, you can wear shoes that enhance weight rollover. The above-listed supination shoes are the best in your motive of correcting supination.


As you look forward to promoting your running to a higher level, supination should not be a hindrance to your desires. Buying a shoe for your supination is the best decision of your life. Now you have a clear idea of the type of supination shoe that you want.

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These five top best shoes for supination offer you the perfect choice regardless of whether you are looking for a running or a multipurpose shoe. All your supination problems will be well taken care of. Take a step today and visit the Amazon website and grab one of your choices.

You just need to choose the supination shoe of your choice, place purchase order, pay for it online and have it delivered conveniently and fast at your doorstep. Supinator are also runners. Happy running everyone.

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