Top 5 Best Pneumatic Rivet Gun Review (Updated)

To choose the precise riveting tool for your exact project, you ought to get familiar with its technical traits. Riveting guns are usually classified in accordance with their working principle and are categorized into the following three groups: manual, pneumatic and battery-powered. 

The benefit of pneumatic and battery-run guns is that they are typically so powerful and function significantly faster than the labor-intensive tools. With a battery-run gun, the machinist is not going to be limited to the socket however ultimately, will require to break free from job to recharge it. In that sense, pneumatic guns can proffer you a nonstop feat and consequently, suit huge projects appropriately. 

Best Pneumatic Rivet Gun

Labor-intensive rivet guns will not let you work as speedy as you could have completed using the Pneumatic Rivet Gun. When choosing the Best Pneumatic Rivet Gun, you ought to also consider its applicability with the rivets you will require for your tasks.

Best Pneumatic Rivet Gun Review

If you are gathering steam for your imminent DIY project or getting ready to commence on a contracting job, you are confident to search for a rivet gun from this list that shall make the hard work become easier and go faster. 

1. Sealey AK3984

Sealey AK393 Threaded Nut Riveter

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An appropriate Rivet Nut Tool

What is listed below is a bit of a diverse alternative contrasted to the bulk of rivet guns out there. Not necessarily when it comes to appearance, even though the model under consideration does present a benefit or two with regard to that, however more so as much as the appliance is concerned. The major disparity between the Sealey AK3984 and a regular rivet gun is that the latter is inclined to cope with pop rivets (also identified as blind rivets), the type of fasteners which, as you are almost certainly aware, are cylindrical in nature and come outfitted with a mandrel via the center.

At present, if you necessitate working with those, you shall surely be at an advantage searching for one of those innumerable other alternatives on the marketplace that are made with the blind rivets in consideration. As we have stated already, this is a diverse model to the extent that the application is concerned, plus, as an alternative of standard pop rivets, the apparatus at hand shall be appropriate for high-strength rivet nuts made of steel, aluminum plus even stainless steel. These rivet nuts are employed so as to offer a lasting female thread in sheet metal that presently has punched or a drilled hole. Though there is a vast variety of a diverse rivet nut when it comes to size, the maker of the Sealey AK3984 has your back covered, providing support for M3 x 0.5 mm up to M8 x 1.25 mm. In addition, the gadget is also competent in managing threaded rivets.

A reasonably clear-cut model in design terms, the Sealey AK3984 checks the majority of the boxes you might necessitate out of a rivet nut tool, presenting a reasonably suitable device that would not be tricky to work with. With somewhat above 1 kilogram in weight, one can undoubtedly get other lighter rivet guns in the marketplace; however not many of those alternatives are well-matched towards handle rivet nuts. A relatively surprising benefit of this replica lies in its dimension.

With 3.5 by 13 by 31 cm in overall size, this tool comes outfitted with a pair of pretty short arms that, sequentially, offer unproblematic practicability and accessibility to some of the more limited spaces. They also present working clearance of 285 mm, which is an impressive number provided the aforesaid small size. 

2. Bahco 2681

Bahco 2681 Riveter

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Comfort over everything else

At times, an invention might not necessarily look predominantly imposing, and the type of requirements it comes with may perhaps seem nothing but typical, however, the convenience and comfort it actually offers is not quite something that you might precisely assess during the initial impression. And, like you possibly recognize, that initial intuition is not at all times the accurate one, and the Bahco 2681 is an excellent instance to that.

On the initial glimpse, the invention being discussed offers an intuition of a quite standard physical pop rivet gun. With 13.2 by 3.2 by 31 centimeters in overall size and somewhere around 750 grams in weight, this is positively one of the more lightweight and compact products out there; however these numbers are not even distantly exceptional enough so as to justify a substantial amount of consideration on their own.

Nonetheless, the design of this rivet bun is unerringly what makes this invention such an attractive selection for DIY fans. What seems like a rather straightforward and straightforward manual riveter is astonishingly sufficient, one of the most contented and suitable tools you might probably find on the marketplace.

Nowadays, there are a few aspects that contribute to ease and comfort. As you might expect, not different to many other manual riveters out there, this one is equipped with handles that are coated with ergonomic rubber. Although some might get the handles to be somewhat stiff, this type of structure is essential in order to safeguard that anti-glide that is so imperative as much as hand instruments are concerned. However, the object that makes the Bahco 2681, in fact, stick out when it comes to comfort is a swivel head that is able to spin 360° on its axis. This category of a design shall permit you to rivet in all angles, making the whole procedure just that much more convenient and straightforward.

Apart from the swivel top, this hand implement also comes outfitted with three identical nosepieces that can be positioned in its handle plus a locking apparatus that will permit you to securely store the tool away after you have finished using it. With some of these nosepieces coupled with a 2.4 mm, 3.2 mm, 4 mm, and 4.8 mm pop riveters, you shall be able to tie up leather, metal, vinyl, and canvas. In a nutshell, the Bahco 2681 is not the most marvelous pop rivet gun available. This is a trouble-free, convenient and comfortable tool, and whichever DIY fan or specialist would take a tool like that over a complicated clutter any time of the week. 

3. Dapetz DP01499

ARES 70017 | Professional Pop Rivet Gun with 60 Rivets

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For skilled DIYers

Definitely not the most appropriate preference for anyone out there and not even essentially something that every DIY fanatic would be able to be glad about, the Dapetz DP01499 is the type of pneumatic riveting gun that will go well with only people that are concerned in an influential product competent of managing anything you might throw in its way. Akin to most pneumatic replicas out there, this one shall be more of an overstatement if you are in need of driving several pop rivets at your residence from time to time.

Because the apparatus is capable of providing approximately 720 kg of traction power and 90 psi of workforce, this is the sort of alternative that you can get if you are an active and skilled DIY devotee or a specialist in a field that needs a sturdy and dependable assistant to handle harder and rougher surfaces. Apart from the sort of punch the replica is packing, this riveting pop gun has a weight of anywhere about 1.7 kilograms, and that might undoubtedly cause some distress for a green user needing to work with this piece of equipment for a protracted period.

Although, as we have previously established, this is a tool targeted for a more knowledgeable user, its weight may be the only issue that is not chiefly contented and accessible regarding this model. What's more, this riveting gun comes outfitted with a somewhat ergonomic handle that, merged with the design of the pistol-grip it shall guarantee a more than satisfactory amount of convenience and comfort.

Besides the tool itself, you shall as well be given a toolkit with every necessary instrument and accessory that might come in handy. Akin to the bulk of pop riveting guns, this one shall be able to deal with the alleged blind rivets of typical size, counting the 2.4, 3.2 and 4.8-millimeter ones. Bearing in mind the customary rivets, the individuals behind this invention included an air inlet that is a 1/4 of an inch in diameter plus 3/8-inch air hose.

Once more, this is definitely not a model for everybody, other than if you already got a reputable amount of familiarity in the DIY field or if you are proficient in one of the interrelated areas, the Dapetz DP01499 is ideally the one to watch out for. Above everything else, this is as well one of the inexpensive pneumatic riveting guns on the marketplace. 

4. Rolson Tools 44409

Rolson 44409 Four Head Rivet Gun

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Your eventuality preparation

While planning for any type of upsetting situation ahead of it even taking is something we ought to supposedly strive towards, it is infrequently probable to cover up each one of your bases due to the number of aspects drawn in and the amount of stuff that can regularly go wrong despite the situation under discussion.

Different types of household appliances and tools are no exemption to this regulation. In the face of the fact that you had definitely like to own as many different implements in your store as probable, you cannot probably prepare for the whole lot. And perhaps, just maybe, you do not have to mainly, when one can order the merchandize like the Rolson Tools 44409 on the web for an outrageously inexpensive price when the need essentially arises.

This hand pop riveting gun is different from nearly all other proffers out there via its accessibility and straightforwardness. You will not necessitate a complex guide so as to figure out how to manage this thing nor does it comprise a toolkit with an entire bunch of different instruments and accessories that could entail a DIY savant to place them all together. What you will obtain is a nice modest pack up with not anything but the model itself plus 75 blind rivets with the aim of getting on track right from the word go.

Talking about the model itself, amid the things that makes it so accessible and straightforward would undoubtedly have to be its size. With 33 by 14.5 by 3.2 centimeters in dimension, this small tool shall be trouble-free to maneuver, and it will not consume so much room in your toolbox. Plus with only 680 grams in weight, you will not have to fret about this tool making you to feel tired after just 30 minutes of work the same manner as some of the bulky models may do.

The model allows the standard 2.4, 3.2, 4.0, and 4.8 millimeter blind rivets owing to a set of foursome interchangeable nozzles. The latter are comparatively simple to switch and shift due to a nozzle altering wrench that is found in the packaging. Not different to the more significant part of pop riveting guns out there, this model also traits rubberized handles. Besides that, the handles have a locking apparatus in a mode of a clip that makes this two stay together for convenient and safe storage.

And that is about everything there is regarding it. The Rolson Tools 44409 is the type of alternative that anybody shall be capable of deciding on when the requirement for an unyielding hand pop riveting gun crop ups. The invention is extremely simple to employ, doesn’t comprise any unnecessary junk, and is astoundingly hard-wearing in spite of being one of the inexpensive rivet guns in the market. 


Tacklife 13”Rivet Gun Heavy Duty Hand Rivet

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Get bigger the variety of your appliances

There are lots of things you can do with a half-ethical rivet gun, and there are still more possible uses with a solid replica such as the TACKLIFE HHR2A-UK. Via an apparently simple physical tool, the painstakingness on the manufacturer's part allowed them to come up with a resourceful tool.

There are a small number of things worth stating here. Foremost, as it is frequently the case, the replica has five additional nozzles that enlarge the possible range of uses. However, besides the nozzles, the hand riveter as well as slots in a predominantly expedient nozzle top design.

Prepared from chrome-molybdenum steel its nozzle top shall permit you to do rapid and simple changes amongst rivet dimensions from 2.4mm to 4.8mm. By merely rotating the nozzle head, one can with ease change the nozzle using one hand devoid of any additional aid.

To terminate the nozzle topic and go to other components of the device there is incorporated compilation pins that shall save you the problem of gathering unnecessary rivets, a pleasant, modest design resolution to assist you to keep the accessories tidy and controlled.

The U-shape handle is a small divergence from the standard. And you cannot declare that we are not fond of it. For our experience, it is fairly practical and ergonomic. It is not without the common non-slip grips. However, other than the 3-mm wide steel plate, the silhouette of the handle makes the implement quite more long-lasting than your standard rivet gun.

Another thing we absolutely would be negligent not to talk about is the length of this gadget. Again, it might not appear like that a great deal of a change; however, those few more millimeters make this 31-mm hand riveting gun appreciably more supple than its shorter equals. It as well makes this implement reasonably a bit expedient

Talking of which the replica integrates a mechanical spring design. It assists the user to preserve energy plus saves approximately 40% of strength, making the riveter an even enhanced tool for specialized use than it by now is. And, in no doubt, it has its faults. Although, if you do not take into consideration some of the more biased ones the single issue that is left is the paintwork. It appears pleasant but fades comparatively rapidly, making the instrument look inferior than it really is.

Apart from that, there are no any key complaints about the TACKLIFE HHR2A-UK. The instrument itself is versatile and handy. The design of the entire tool makes this riveting gun sensible plus a bit more opportune than most of its corresponding items. You can employ it for assembling greenhouses, binding metal sheets, gutters, metal roofing, and number plates. 

Shopping Guide

A rivet gun is an essential instrument that can be employed for joining two mechanical parts via rivets. These implements assist drive metal parts against a facade and clutch them together. Thus, lest you are enthralled by the whole DIY tendency that is around, then riveting machines or rivet guns will come in practical.

Look at the above riveting guns online on Amazon shopping site for the best prices, quality and much more.


  • Q: Should you employ protecting gear to operate the rivet gun?
    A: While working with a riveting gun, guard yourself against probable injuries. Put protection goggles to shield your eyes from airborne debris or particles. It is also sensible to have a safety jacket and gloves. To stay away from accidents, those who toil close by must also be dressed in protective wear.

  • Q: Does your riveter gun require servicing?
    A: To keep a pop rivet gun in an excellent working state it is significant to take care of it. Try to find a competent individual to examine and service the implement on a constant basis. This shall make sure an appropriate gun function. The usual maintenance shall assist you to keep your tool in a correct condition and put off costly repairs.

  • Q: How do you take out a rivet if you drove it erroneously?
    A: Opt for a drill bit that is somewhat larger than the riveter mandrel but slighter than the head. Position the drill bit inside the drill, ensuring that the metal work does not shift, so that you can carefully and effortlessly drill your rivet. Put an indent on the rivet to direct the bit except it has no industrial unit indent. Put the tip of your bit in the middle of the riveter head and begin drilling. The moment the head gets off the rivet, discontinue drilling right away.

    In case you go on drilling, this might spoil the task. If the rivet has not come off owing to tremors, just remove the remains of the rivet with a hammer and center punch. Place the punch on the riveter mandrel and strike it; this ought to drive out what's left of the rivet. 


If you are employing the Best Pneumatic Rivet Gun, verify the rivet implement is placed for the right size rivets you are searching to set, attach to an airline having the suitable air supply and substantiate that your rivet jaws are of the needed dimension for the rivet you want to use. From there, it is just a matter of driving the rivet into your gun, providing pools cycle throughout and trait a mandrel collector. On being cycled through, one is ready to go on with the next rivet fixing.

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