The 5 Best Mouse For CS GO (Review)

Video games are very popular among people of all ages especially the youth, all across the world. Video games are now even played on a professional level and gamers always want to get their hands on the best available accessories for gaming. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a very demanding and engrossing game for a player of any level whether he is an amateur or a pro. 

For everyone, including amateurs as well as professionals, if you do not have access to the latest PC peripheral accessories then leveling up can prove to be a real challenge. 

For first-person shooters, a proper gaming mouse can be of immense advantage in a competitive environment. There is a special gaming mouse that is specially built for CSGO and other FPS games, that provide greater speed, point blank accuracy, and superior response times. When you combine these advantages with your shooting skills, you are sure to become a legend of the game.

Best Mouse For CS GO

Logitech G303 Daedalus ApexLogitech5.0
Rival 300 SteelSeries4.5
Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum Logitech4.0
Zowie EC1-A E-SportsBenQ5.0
Mamba Tournament Edition Razer4.0

This performance edition gaming mouse can fit into the budget as well as performs quite efficiently. This lightweight mouse is very accurate and fast. It has the PMW3366 sensor and has 12,000 DPI value.

  • check
  • check
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    Long lifespan
  • check
    High-performance sensor
  • check
    RGB customizable lighting

This mouse is perfect for those gamers who want value for their money. The mouse has the looks and is well within the budget.

This is a simple looking mouse with six buttons and comes with a rubberized grip on the sides. It has an average DPI value of 6,500 DPI and comes in a wide variety of custom colors.

  • check
    The feel is great
  • check
    The looks are good
  • check
    Customizable name tag
  • check
    A wide range of color options

This optical gaming mouse is best suited for FPS games and is very good at the job that you need it to do.

This mouse comes with the incredible option of changing the weight and balance of the mouse according to your needs. It has 11 programmable buttons and comes with a PMW3366 sensor and up to 12,000 DPI.

  • check
    11 buttons
  • check
    Plenty of DPI options
  • check
    Weight management
  • check
    The colors can be changed

This mouse is a great option for professional gamers but the price can be a problem for budget gamers.

This mouse is a favorite with many CSGO professional gamers. It can give a maximum of 3,200 dpi and works pretty well with CSGO.

  • check
    Ergonomic design that is perfect for right-handers
  • check
    Solid build
  • check
    Simple design
  • check
    Longevity is good
  • check
    Highly functional

This rock solid mouse is highly reliable and works very well. Highly recommended if you're okay to spend a little more to get the best.

This is a slick-looking high FPS mouse with a variety of color options. It is budget friendly and has an ergonomic design. It has nine programmable buttons and can clock up to 16,000 DPI.

  • check
    Variety of customizable options
  • check
    Great ergonomic design
  • check
    A high changeable DPI option

Razer is an expensive brand and this mouse is no different. But one thing is certain, that you get full value for your money.

Buyer's Guide

There are certain parameters which should be considered while choosing the perfect CSGO mouse for you. You should not only take care of the FPS features but also the size and compatibility of the mouse. Dots per inch or DPI value should also be kept in mind because this parameter decides how fast the mouse cursor moves on the screen with every minute twitch of the mouse.

Some features like size, polling rate, feedbacks, button type, and optical sensor should also be considered. Here I have tried to describe some of the parameters that should be kept in mind when deciding on a CSGO mouse.

1. Grip type 

First you should decide whether you like a firm palm grip or a lighter claw grip. Everyone has their own gripping style depending on the situations of the game. When you have a better grip, you will be more accurate and faster. For the best CSGO experience, one should choose a mouse that is comfortable and responsive irrespective of how you grip it.

2. Size 

You should be fully aware of your hand size. If they are more than 7.5 inches then your hands fall under the big category and if they are under 6.5 inches, then your hands are small and you will be needing a more compact mouse. Finding the correct size is very important for getting the best fit. One should look for a mouse that will leave no wiggle room and your fingers should be able to stretch over the buttons till the edge without tipping over. Your grip will depend a lot on the size of the mouse.

3. Polling Rate

Polling rate is the speed at which the mouse is able to communicate with the computer and is measured in Hertz. 500 Hz is the minimum polling rate which is needed for a CSGO mouse to function properly. The mouse will higher polling rate will naturally increase the accuracy. But greater polling rate requires greater computing power. For a gamer, higher polling rates will reduce the reaction time and improve the aim. It helps a great to improve your natural aiming skills.

4. Laser or Optical Mouse

There is a difference between the two types of sensors used in a mouse. Lasers are concentrated beams that reflect every obstacle faced by the mouse on the surface. Optical sensors emit light rays when they bounce off the top of any surface. Laser mouse can catch a lot of information because of their higher DPI ranges. The tracking is more accurate but then there are some associated jitters due to this improved sensitivity. CSGO benefits from high DPI settings but at the same time need stability and efficiency. Both of this is better in an optical mouse and thus they are a better option.

5. Lift off distance

CSGO needs a low lift-off distance. Lift off distance is defined as the distance risen by the mouse before it loses tracking midair. For any FPS game, it is mandatory to use a mouse with less than 2 mm of lift-off distance. Low lift-off distance mouse is expensive, so if you cannot afford one, then at least try to get with less than 2.5 mm.

6. DPI and Sensitivity

Out of sensitivity and DPI, one should be turned off or constant while the other is changed. In CSGO you should keep the sensitivity constant and alter the DPI value. A typical setting used by the CSGO professionals are 550 dpi mouse. All CSGO players should consider buying a top-of-the-line high DPI custom profile mouse.

7. Custom Profiles and Macros

​Games like CSGO require a mouse with two buttons and a scroll wheel. No added customization is needed for FPS games of this level.

8. Acceleration

If your mouse has acceleration support then you should disable it before playing CSGO. This particular feature is not very helpful in case of FPS games.

9. Mechanical Switches

The most common types of mechanical keys used in a mouse are cherry and Omron switches. Mechanical switches do add to the value of the mouse and are quite helpful in gaming.

10. Price

This is completely up to you as to how much you are willing to spend on a CSGO mouse.

Frequently Asked Questions

The following are some of the frequently asked questions about CS-GO and gaming mouse.

How do I change the lift-off distance setting of the mouse?

Disconnect the mouse from your PC and then follow the instructions as per given in the user manual after reconnecting the mouse through your USB.

What should be done if the mousefeet skates fall off?

Either you have to purchase a new set of mousefeet skates or sometimes, a spare pair is provided with the original model.

I need a DPI of about 1,600 But my mouse is only able to generate a 400 DPI. What should I do?

Firstly you should check whether the problem is with your mouse by connecting it with other USB ports and cables. If the problem persists, then you have to troubleshoot your mouse settings. If still, your mouse fails to generate the desired DPI then contact a support team.

My mouse is not performing well on a desk surface. What should I do?

Most mice are laser ones so they do not perform well on undulating surfaces. So, our advice would be that you use a mouse pad while using your mouse which will give a better performance.

The mouse wheel is very sensitive when it is lifted up. Is this normal?

Some mouse is extremely sensitive and this can be normal but for others, there may be a problem with the scroll sensor. So you should see a technician regarding the issue.


CSGO is a very competitive game that needs a lot of practice but at the same time, the best peripheral devices make the experience even better. A high-performance mouse designed exclusively for FPS games are very much needed to make it big in the competitive arena. Practice is needed, but a good quality gaming mouse can get you to the top faster, by negating external negative effects.

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