The 5 Best Knee Braces Review + Buying Guide

Knee braces are supports which help you recover from knee pain or injuries. From ACL to LCL instabilities to patella and arthritis pain, there are a number of knee injuries which can stop you from playing sports or produce hindrance in your day to day activities. Knee braces are usually used in these situations. Sometimes, sportsman wear knee braces to prevent knee injuries during their sports.

Knee braces are made up of different materials which include metal, foam, plastic or elastic material and straps. Some doctors recommend knee braces to help during injuries whereas some say they may do more harm than good. 

Best Knee Braces Review

Hence you should always check with your doctor before using knee braces. When you wear these knee braces is also a major point to consider. Some are worn only during the sports and some are worn throughout the day. You should also be careful with the placement of your braces as they tend to continuously move away from their places. The improper placement of these braces may do you more harm than good.

You should also take care that your knee braces are not damaged. They tend to wear easily and may cause problems. Going for durable braces is generally recommended as they tend to last longer even though they may cost a fortune.

Best Knee Braces Review

In this article, we are going to take a look into some of the best knee braces in the market from a wide array of choices. Note that we are not advertising any product, we are only listing them so that one can easily guide their choices.

WINOMO Knee Brace Adjustable Open Patella Support for Meniscus Tear and Arthritis Relief - Knee Compression Sleeves for Running, Basketball, Gym, and Joint Pain Knee Stabilizer.

WINOMO Knee Brace
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    SUPPORT YOUR KNEE ALL DAY: Keep the Knee Brace stay on the right position is the precondition of providing sustained support all day. For this reason, Double Rings Hinged Locking Mechanism Designed to reinforce stability of knee brace on your knee and patella. You can do any exercise or outdoor sport and no longer worried about your knee brace will slide.
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    EFFECTIVELY RELIEVES YOUR PAIN: Open-Patella design reduces stress and relieves pressure on the knee-joint during intense exercise and heavy usage. Also effectively relieves acute chronic knee pain from arthritis, strains, sprains, and fatigue. Ideal for post-surgery recovery or preventing sports injuries.
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    COMFORTABLE WEARING: Made of high-quality antibacterial breathable Neoprene. More soft and comfortable, offers uniform compression and perfect relief of patellar pressure. A contoured shape and adjustable flexible comfort straps offer a personalized fit. Moisture wicking and breathability will keep you comfortable all the time.
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    REMOVED THE TENSION IN THE BACK OF KNEE: Most knee brace you wear is not easy to squat and always feel uncomfortable because the tension of back. We only used 2 Velcro straps in order to leave space for the back of the knee.
  • SUPER STRONG AND EXTENDED VELCRO: Ensure the most people fits the Knee Compression sleeve. Both left and right knees work. Attention please, measure your size around your knee before purchase. Fit up to a knee circumference of 12.5"-17".

Cost effective and high quality, both in one. Where else would you find such qualities. One of the knee braces. Costs only 16.99$ on Amazon.

Best Braces For Patella Support For Men & Women. An Open Patellar Tendon Strap For Stabilizing & Reducing Pain Due To Arthritis, Running, Gym Workout, Crossfit or Sports

Noova Knee Brace For Meniscus Tear
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    PACKAGE INCLUDES: 1 Noova Knee Support Brace with Soft Open Knee Cap ( Black ) - EFFECTIVE: Knee Guards effectively relieves post-operative knee pain, strains, and arthritis. Noova Knee Wraps are Made of Breathable neoprene material retains heat and speeds up recovery period.
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     QUALITY MATERIAL AND PERFECT GRIP: This Knee Support comes with 3 Touch Fastener Strap, 2 Elastic Straps Provide additional ligament support and increased mobility and motion. Adjustable 3 Touch Fastener Strap Plus 2 Elastic Straps Gives Perfect Grip and Prevents From Slipping Down. Noova Knee Stabilizer Is Perfect for Running, Basketball, Walking, Hiking, Supporting Your Knee from Arthritis, Injury Recover, Patella Support Helps with Injured Weak or Arthritic Knee - Fits Small to Large Sizes
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    EXTRA U-SHAPED PADDING: Soft Open Knee Caps with Fixed Inferior U-Shaped Buttress for Mild stabilization of the Patella, Open Patella design for stability and extra secure padding, allowing full range of motion during all activities athletic, spots , gym or daily activities . High Quality Lightweight Joint Ligaments Support Pain Relief Product for Men and Women.
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    ONE SIZE FITS ALL: Knee Cap for Men and Women is universal size (one size fits most) interchangeable fits left or right knee. Skin dry and comfortable. May not fit for people who need XXL size
  • DURABLE AND COMFORTABLE: Easy to put it on and take it out. Long Term Durability, Adequate Support and Comfort Guaranteed. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

One of the best braces for patella support and meniscus tear. Can be used for arthritis pain as well. Costs $24.99 on Amazon.

ACL, Meniscus Tear Support - Wraps For Men and Women - Compression Sleeves For Sport - Arthritis Pain Relief - Open-Patella Stabilizer

Winzone Knee Brace Neoprene Sleeve with Adjustable Strap
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    LIFETIME UNLIMITED GUARANTEE: Our wraparound knee brace is made from the highest quality materials to the highest quality professional standards; If at any time you are not completely satisfied we will issue you with a refund or replace the item; This is a 100% lifetime unlimited warranty
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    OPEN PATELLA DESIGN: for support and compression around the kneecap and tendon areas to heal knee injuries such as jumpers tendonitis. Relieves pain from PCL and osteoarthritis: reduces stress on the knee-joint during intense exercise and heavy usage
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    PAIN RELIEVER & INJURY PREVENTING: Special bevel 2 straps offer your knee more support and effectively helps relieve most acute & chronic knee pain from strains, sprains, and fatigue; ideal for post-surgery recovery or preventing sports injuries
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    ADJUSTABLE: Fits left or right knee and suitable for men and women. Adjustable straps can be attached using Velcro to almost any exterior point, preventing slippage
  • SUPER COMFORTABLE: to wear without restricting movement. Discreetly over or beneath clothing on either leg; Suitable for all types of sports such as basketball running weightlifting judo soccer football hockey biking baseball tennis volleyball hiking wrestling workout exercise

It’s a neoprene sleeve with adjustable straps. Best used ACL and meniscus tear support. It costs $29.99 on Amazon.

Best Knee Brace for Meniscus Tear, Arthritis, Quick Recovery etc. – Knee Support For Running, CrossFit, Basketball and other Sports – FOR BEST FIT CHECK SIZING CHART

PowerLix Compression Knee Sleeve
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    PHENOMENAL PROTECTION: PowerLix Knee brace apply stable pressure across your knee joint, which provides ultimate pain relief from a variety of ailments including arthritis, swelling, tendonitis, meniscus tear, soreness, stiffness, ACL, PCL, MCL, and other knee pain. With this sleeve, you’ll be able to tackle any activity life throws your way, while ensuring you’re a step ahead in injury prevention! This Knee support is the perfect fit for any activity that involves a great amount of stress on the joints like, Baseball, Basketball, Crossfit, Soccer Golf, gym, Hiking, Running, Tennis, Volleyball and more! You’ll be able to enjoy exceptional Knee support while still maintaining your peak performance and a full range of leg motion!
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    PREMIUM QUALITY: This Knee sleeve is manufactured to provide superior support, comfort, and relief without compromising your mobility. Tight, form-fitting, and breathable compression fabric maintains joint stability regardless of activity, helps improve blood circulation and eases the pain. while avoiding the itchiness common to neoprene supports. Quick at absorbing sweat and keeps your leg dry and odor free, gives you hours of continuous use!
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    BREATHTAKING DESIGN & ANTI-SLIP SYSTEM: Special knitted technical design with two silicone gel strips, ensuring your sleeve stays always put, no matter what you do! The beautiful design of the sleeve in blue & black makes you look fashionable anywhere anytime. The special fabric gives you a smooth and soft feel so you can wear them all day long!
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    100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: If you are not fully happy with the PowerLix Knee brace, there is a 6-month guarantee, no questions asked.

It’s a compression knee sleeve which boasts of a fast recovery. It also provides with the 6-month guarantee. It’s probably worth a shot. It costs only $15.99 on Amazon.

UFlex Athletics Knee Compression Sleeve Support for Running, Jogging, Sports, Joint Pain Relief, Arthritis and Injury Recovery-Single Wrap

UFlex Athletics Knee Brace Support Sleeve
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    BENEFITS: Reduces inflammation/swelling,soreness,stiffness, has heating effect for muscular recovery
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    SPORTS: Suitable for all sports activities that involve a great amount of stress on the joints like: running, basketball, soccer, football, golf, cycling, tennis, hiking, volleyball, skiing and much more
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    PAIN RELIEF: Aid in recovery, runners &jumpers knee, arthritis, tendonitis
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    ANTI-SLIP SILICONE: stable compression during gym time,squats,weightlifting, yoga,fitness

With only $14.99 cost, this compression sleeve gives maximum bang for your money.

Buyer's Guide

While buying a knee brace, you should look for the support needed and the recommendation of your doctors. It all depends on whether you are recovering or you have just been injured. You should also be looking for the levels of protection provided by these knee braces which ranges from 1-3+.

A level 1 knee brace offers the least amount of protection. But, what it lacks in protection, it more than covers it in the area of flexibility. It is the most flexible knee strap on the market. It is best for pain relief and mild to moderate support while remaining active on the field. A knee sleeve comes in level 1 of the knee brace.

A level 2 knee brace offer more protection but less flexibility when compared to level 1 knee braces. Although, they still let you move your knee and provide you with a range of movement. These braces are used for mild to moderate knee support for pain relief associated with ligament instabilities and tendonitis. Wraparound braces and knee straps come in level 2 of the knee braces.

A level 3 knee brace offers the most protection as compared to the other levels. With higher protection comes the least amount of movement as there is no flexibility in these straps. It’s also heavier than other two level braces. It’s best for recovering from an injury when the least amount of movement is required so you don't reinjure yourself. An example of such knee braces is a hinged knee brace. There is always an option of taking these levels a step further and opting for level 3+ protection. This level of protection is best for aiding in pain relief and support for moderate to major instabilities and conditions.

There are a huge variety of knee braces which are available for various conditions. To help you choose wisely, some of the types of knee braces with their benefits are given below:-

  • Knee sleeves – they come in different sizes and can be very easily placed over your injured knee. They provide knee compression which helps control swelling and pain. They work best for mild knee pain and help minimise arthritis.
  • Wraparound or dual wrap braces – they are used by athletes with mild to moderate pain while providing more support than sleeves. They can be easily worn and removed and can be used while playing.
  • Hinged knee braces – they are often used for patients post surgery who need a higher level of protection and support. They help in keeping your knee properly aligned while bending, to help in healing and protect from getting further injuries.
  • Knee strap – they are a great choice if you are suffering from knee pain due to patellar tendonitis or runner's knee, Osgood-Schlatter disease or patella tracking. It can fit under clothes and is very easy to put on and off.
  • Closed and open patella braces – closed patella braces offer compression at the knee cap with the same pressure as the rest of the knee and additional support. Open patella braces on the other hand offer relief of knee pressure and extra knee cap support with proper movement and tracking.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you wear knee braces while sleeping?

Braces are meant to stabilize the knee. Let’s assume that there is a joint pain and while sleeping the joints are stabilized. Damages to joints can vary; it can be minor joint pain or a major dislocation. Braces are supposed to help stabilize the knee while it is on pressure. Walking, running, climbing up the stairs can all put joints on pressure. Using braces can help relieve the stress from joints but wearing them while sleeping is not necessary. Advice from doctors are that to free knee while sleeping but it is very important to use it during daily activities.

2. Can I run using knee braces even if I have knee pain?

If the pain is felt while walking then an individual should take a break. Runners always develop issues with their knees mainly due to an imbalance in muscles. Taking a short break from activities which are demanding on muscles can help in long-term. If the consulted doctor allows demanding activities then the person should use prophylactic knee braces which are mainly designed for football players and amateur runners. Always use ice after any activities, it relieves tension and helps the muscle to relax.

3. Which is the right type of knee braces for you?

There are various causes for knee pain: It can be injuries, ligament tears, muscle strains, or any other problems. From people suffering from arthritis to athletes opt for knee braces for support for the pain relief. Braces support knee joints to limit further injuries; it also helps in reducing swelling and pain. Doctors prescribe knee supports for rehabilitation and surgery recovery. There are several types of knee braces. Here are a few types which are prescribed by doctors:

  • Rehabilitative knee braces: These braces help in limiting the future harmful knee movements. These braces are meant for the protection of repaired ligament and will help in the early motion of knee joints. This is a great tool to protect knee joints and prevent injury in the future.
  • Offloader knee braces: These are meant to provide relief for the people who are suffering from arthritis in their knees. They unload stress from the affected joint by laying pressure on thigh bones. This also helps in forcing the knee to tilt away from the torturous pain areas. It can be helpful for individuals going through knee replacement surgeries and helps to take stress off from their knees

Final Words

Whether a person is an athlete or a bystander, anybody can possibly sprain, twist or acutely injure their knee. From quietly walking down the street, to playing sports to cleaning, a small miss-step can stimulate major injuries to your cartilage or tendons in your knees. Fortunately, medicine has broken the point where we can manage and treat knee injury to avoid any further pain and damage.

Comprehensively, knee complication is quite natural in athletes and non-athletes altogether, but with the use of bracing and physical therapy, the misery and pain of a knee damage can be diminished and ultimately treated.

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