Best Kick Scooters For Adults – DON’T Buy Before Reading This

The fun does not end when you grow old as evidenced by how adults are turning to kick scooters for their transport to work, and also having fun over the weekends. 

What used to be a reserve for kids and teenagers has become a mainstay in the commuting sector, and consequently, a host of brands have infiltrated the market.

Best Kick Scooters For Adults

Choosing the best scooter for adults out of the many kick scooter brands on offer can be a major challenge, especially if you do not know the features to look out for upfront.

Best Kick Scooters for Adults Review

To ease your shopping experience, here is a comprehensive compilation of 5 of the best kick scooters for adults.

1. Hikole Scooter for Adult Teens

Hikole Adult Kick Scooter - Dual Suspension

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as of February 27, 2021 5:41 am


  • Easy folding
  • Big wheels
  • Adjustable telescoping handlebars
  • Front & rear shock absorbing system
  • Shoulder strap

Hikole scooter is the ultimate kick scooter for adults who need a comfortable journey throughout the week. Its big wheels make it the perfect partner on a variety of road surfaces, such as pebble, glass, asphalt cement, and square roads. It comes with an unfolding adjustable height, meaning it is suitable for all adult heights.

If you use your scooter to commute to town or school, it is quite easy to fold and carry on the train or bus, thanks to the 3-seconds easy-folding-carrying mechanism.

With the shoulder strap in place, you can easily move around with the folded scooter comfortably on your shoulder to areas you wish to pop in.

For comfortability purposes, this scooter comes with an adjustable handlebar covered in soft rubber for a comfortable grip. Also, it is 3-level height adjustable; therefore, it is suitable for adults, teens, and kids eight years old and above. Its durable high wheels of 200mm are enclosed in a dual suspension system and precision bearings for purposes of reduced vibration and an incredibly smooth ride and glide; just what you need in the urban/city/suburban pavements.

With this two wheeler, your safety is a priority especially if you find yourself riding on busy pavements. The rear fender brakes are easy to use and only need smooth pressing to grind to a smooth halt. The brake pedal is made from aluminum and coated with an anti-rust paint to improve its overall appearance, and to make your wheeler even more stylish.

​The Hikole Scooter is designed to support up to 220lbs (100kgs) of weight, making it ideal for the ordinary adult. It possesses adequate foot space on a durable aluminum frame, which is built low to the ground for stability and easy control.

Folding instructions are included in the user manual, but for those who might find it a little confusing, here are the folding instructions;

  • Use your knee to press the scooter pedal
  • Use one hand to push forward the handle, and the other hand to push the lever.

    As simple as that!

2. Razor A5 Lux Scooter

Razor A5 Lux Kick Scooter (Ffp), Blue

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as of February 27, 2021 5:41 am


  • 3 Adjustable height
  • Big wheels
  • Dual shock-absorbing system
  • Foldable and easy to carry
  • Super stable
  • Quick and safe braking

The Razor A5 Lux Scooter is another adult 2-wheeler you may consider in your next purchase. It has been designed virtually for all kinds of pavement, from the square, glass, pebbles, to asphalt, so you can easily commute to and from work daily and in absolute comfort. Being the only scooter from Razor to feature in this strong list, that says a lot about this adult scooter.

One of its stand-out qualities is its strength. Made with a sturdy aluminum deck and t-tube, it features as one of the most durable rides in the market right now. For ease of control, it has a patented rear brake system that stops smoothly even at high speed.

Weighing an unbelievable 9.4 pounds only, the Razor scooter has to be the people’s favorite scooter. If you are keen on a scooter capable of taking you around places conveniently, this one is worth trying out. Its folding and portable features make it the number one choice for a kick scooter.

Most notably, it can sustain a rider weighing up to 220 pounds despite its light weight structure. The majority of high end scooters support a max load of almost the same weight, and that only goes on to show how good the Razor A5 Lux scooter is in the industry.

Saving a few dollars and ending up with a reliable machine at the same time is everyone’s dream. The Razor A5 scooter should rank among the top quality and most affordable kick scooters on offer today, and better still, it is a product of a well-respected manufacturer.

3. HUDORA 205 Adult Folding Kick Scooter

HUDORA 205 Adult Folding Kick Scooter- 2 Big PU Wheels 205 mm

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as of February 27, 2021 5:41 am


  • High-quality aluminum material
  • Big PU wheels
  • Max load support
  • Easy-to-fold design
  • Lightweight
  • Strong and durable

Hudora is a Germany machine that will ensure that you enjoy tour scooter experience. Specially made from high-density aluminum, it is as durable as they get, yet it remains one of the light-weight kick scooters in the market.

One impressive feature of the Hudora 205 is its safety. Even beginners will find it an easy ride due to its stability that guarantees balance when in motion. It comes with a safety certification straight from the manufacturer, and that is enough assurance that this is a scooter made for safety and comfort.

Its handle is quite long, but it can easily be readjusted to your desired length, with a person as tall as 6’7” capable of riding the wheeler comfortably, and a teenager from as young as 12. The idea inspiring the design was to make every rider experience a remarkable ride regardless of their height or weight. 

For a parent and child going to have fun at the park, Hudora is easily foldable and hence easy to carry around even in a vehicle. It has been ergonomically designed with a higher T-bar and a lower deck for purposes of creating a comfortable riding stance for both kids and adults.

Germany products have made a name for themselves in the tech industry, and the Hudora scooter is no exception. The combination of unusual features makes it an easy pick for lovers of scooters, and despite it not being the cheapest kick scooter out there, buyers can find real value for money.

For all your travel needs, whether to school, to work, or the city, this is undoubtedly the perfect scooter to move around with. It is fast, comfortable, and above all, fashionable. 

4. Fuzion Cityglide Adult Kick Scooter

Fuzion Cityglide Adult Kick Scooter (Black)

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as of February 27, 2021 5:41 am


  • High-speed big wheels
  • Portable and foldable
  • Easy to assemble
  • Max load capability
  • Adjustable T-bar

The Fuzion Cityglide is a kick scooter for ages between 8 and all adults. It features large wheels of 7.9”, a 13” deck, and wide handles. Its height can be adjusted to desired levels according to your height or the stance you feel comfortable with. It is arguably one of the most dependable scooters in the market right now, thanks to the tough aircraft-grade aluminum that makes the base of the foot space.

When the pavements become unpredictable with potholes and cracks, you don’t have to get worried. The oversized wheels are designed to glide over these bumps and dips without getting stuck comfortably. A single glide is all you need to cover a long distance as a result of the large wheels and the smooth ABEC-9 Rated bearings.

Enjoy the cruises around campus, in the city, at school, and the urban jungle like a boss. With this fantastic addition, you are indeed in charge. When the idea of scooters first hit the world, most people saw them as leisure toys; now everyone sees something different.

When you’re not riding on your two wheels, there is a shoulder strap that makes it easy for you to carry it around. It’s not bulky when folded to size, and better yet, it is not made from a heavy material. Unbelievably, the Fuzion Cityglide can wrap to 29.5 by 15 inches, meaning you can as well throw it under your bus seat or wherever you need and move anywhere you fancy. It’s that convenient. 

The advantage to new scooter owners, assembling the Fuzion scooter is as easy as 123 even without the user manual. You won’t waste too much time joining the wheeler as there are only two screws to fasten, and the job is done. Often seen with many city residents and students, it can be owned by anyone who fancies commuting in style. The big wheels make it the ideal ride for everyday short travels on all pavements.

5. Schwinn Adult Shuffle Scooter 

Schwinn Adult Shuffle Scooter with 26" Wheels, White

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as of February 27, 2021 5:41 am


  • Front and rear fenders for protecting the rider from water and dirt
  • Strong and lightweight rims
  • Extra-large wheels, 26.”
  • Linear pull brakes for all condition braking
  • Unique design

Lovers of ordinary bikes will most definitely love the Schwinn Adult Shuffle scooter.

Its 26-inch front wheel makes it more of a bike than a scooter, but it rides by kicking as opposed to pedaling. If you are an adult or teenager who has never tried a scooter, this is the best chance for you. It is a combination of style and adventure, a slight shift from the ordinary biking experience into a new fun ride.

The Schwinn Adult Shuffle is also a fun way to work out, especially at a time when most people cannot afford the time to visit the gym daily. How about working out and having fun at the same time? Take your dog out and enjoy together while you hop on your new acquisition; it should be fun all the way.

Need to experience another difference from your bike? The front and rear brakes are engaged in a linear pull that makes you stop smoothly, keeping you in total control of the scooter. Amazingly, the big-sized front wheel makes the scooter appear challenging to control, but it is the exact opposite. Engaging the front brakes softly results in smooth stopping without losing balance even at high speed.

Even though its rims are relatively lightweight, the Schwinn Adult Shuffle is more onerous than other scooters, weighing approximately 27 pounds. Its size makes it an exclusively adult-only scooter, so kids cannot put up with the height and probably the weight.

In terms of strength, what can beat steel? It is made from steel, so its power as an adult ride is out of the question.

Unfortunately, if you’re looking for a scooter to commute to and from school or the city, the Schwinn Adult Shuffle may not be the ideal choice. It is heavy for you to carry around, and due to its build, it cannot be folded like other scooters. You’ll be tasked with looking for secure parking every time you move with it to several places.

Buyer’s Guide

As an adult, you’ll need to factor some technical aspects before making the purchase. 

For example, it depends on whether you’ll use the scooter for the daily commute to work, or you’re looking for something for taking you to the leisure park over the weekend. Based on the real purpose of your scooter, you may want to consider the convenience, ride quality, and the overall performance of the scooter before buying. 

Convenience – If you plan to use it daily for commuting purposes, check for its practicality and convenience in allowing you to go around with comfort.

Ride quality – Ensure that you get something comfortable to push, and has minimal vibration from the ground when on the move.

Performance – This is where you’ll need to be most careful. Scooters are made from different angles, and you’ll need one that glides fast and can move a long distance with a single push.

Significant features of Adult Kick Scooters

Even first-time scooter owners should know a thing or two about the following features. 

They are the central technical features that manufacturers are more keen on, and seasoned buyers will most definitely be on the look for them.

  • Size of the wheels – The size of the scooter wheels is perhaps the most significant priority that most adults look for before buying. Unlike scooters for kids and teenagers, adults need devices that can withstand more stringent conditions at all times. If the wheeler is to be used regularly, there is an actual need for robust and durable wheels. In most cases, thinner wheels tend to pick up speed better than broader ones, but then again, broad and stout wheels are more stable on the road.

If you’re looking to trade in speed for stability, consider the fact that you’re highly likely to be left with a fast scooter, but an unstable on especially on top speed. The most robust wheels are made from metal, but rubber and plastic account for a smoother and quieter outdoor ride.

  • Braking system – Most of the adult scooters on the market are equipped with only the rear brake. There is a need for the rider to employ a little bit of instinctive braking by using one leg to pull the scooter behind for it to slow down or stop moving. It is normal to feel a little bit awkward going manual during your first encounter, but it remains the most straightforward kind of braking you’ll ever come across. 

If you are not comfortable with the stomp-type braking, there are a few exclusions that have a double brake system, or a front-facing brake. 

  • Folding mechanism – Convenience is the name of the game. The idea behind adult scooters was to give them a variety of commuting options as well as experience the fun associated with scooters. The folding technology has risen to some excellent levels where riders can easily fold their two wheels and get to any place they’d like to without having to worry about parking. 

Buyers are looking for the kind of scooter that is easy to fold, and easy to carry when not in use. The ability to fold and unfold without help is a priority, and it is adequate to say that manufacturers have invested mostly on this feature.

  • Maximum weight support – There is a suitable scooter for every adult, from lightweight individuals to near-obese individuals. Mainly, go for a kick scooter that is within your range in terms of weight. Many a time, buyers are fond of considering the appearance and cost of devices, overlooking other equally essential details. It is important to know that subjecting a scooter to constant overload is synonymous with weakening it and shortening its lifespan significantly.

Other features include;

  •  Quality and grade of bearing
  •  Suspension
  •  The height of the deck from the ground
  •  Handbrakes style
  •  Other physical attachments (e.g., carry strap and kickstand)
  •  Appearance
  •  Overall build quality

Frequently Asked Questions

What weight limit should an adult kick scooter support?

There can be various answers to this concern, but the average scooter should be able to carry weights of up to 300lbs. Taking the weight of an average American to be 100kgs, most adult kick scooters are capable of offering a comfortable ride. However, some scooters can carry up to 400lbs, albeit on rare occasions.

No matter your size, you will always find a suitable scooter for you in the market. It is prudent to check the max load limit before making the purchase. Opting for a scooter incapable of handling your weight is inappropriate as you’ll end up damaging the wheeler. Besides, if your weight is incompatible with the max weight limit indicated in the description, there is no way you can enjoy a smooth, comfortable ride.

Can a kick scooter be used for commuting?

A big yes, scooters for adults have become very popular among commuters in the recent past. As an adult, though, your safety is in your own hands so consider taking the necessary precautions before using your scooter for commuting purposes. The Road safety regulations do not allow riding scooters on the roads; therefore, do your due diligence to ascertain that there are accessible pavements and sidewalks before setting out for work or school.

For longer distances, it may not be logical to use an ordinary scooter, but you may consider electric scooters which attract vast sums of money to purchase. Purpose to create a balance your comfort and speed, so that you can enjoy your ride to and from home without necessarily kicking at top speed. For the comfort of your hands, look for the scooters with padded handlebars, a spacious foot deck, and a top drawer suspension system.

How durable is a typical adult scooter?

There should be many variables determining the lifespan of an adult kick scooter. For example, people use their scooters for various purposes; some use them for commuting daily, while others engage them only during the weekends and holidays. The terrains traveled on, and the nature of handling you subject your scooter goes a long way in dictating how long it lasts. Your weight against the standard weight limit of the scooter will also play a major role in determining its lifespan.

On average though, a scooter should last between 3 and five years, with the assumption that it is used as regularly as possible, and handled in the way it ought to be handled. Owing to the popularity of scooters, manufacturers have followed up with market-worthy spare parts, meaning that the lifespan of these scooters can be extended by replacing worn out parts.


Scooters are not new in the market, but kick scooter for adults are relatively new compared to ordinary kids scooters. Whether you choose to buy one for commuting, or you want to join in the fray and have fun, the choice is all yours.

However, you can only be able to get the most out of your best razor scooter for adults if your source for the ideal ride going by your requirements. Understand a few basics about what you expect from your acquisition is one way to go. Learn a few necessary technical details regarding scooters, and you’ll be on your way to having a great experience.

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Everyone is looking to find real value for money, but that does not necessarily mean going for the cheapest device in town. Sometimes good quality is associated with expensive stuff. The bottom line is; spend wisely, and ensure that what you end up purchasing is equivalent to the amount paid in terms of quality and performance.

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