Top 7 Best Insoles for Work Boots to Buy (Review)

Insoles refer to what we know as the footbeds, the inner soles or the inserts.

In many instances, every shoe brand will come with its insoles, with each item exhibiting varying performance. 

Best Insoles for Work Boots

Therefore, when purchasing an insole, you need to search for the best insoles for work boots which will help to keep your foot at maximum comfort. 

However, with a plethora of options to choose from, picking the best can be a tedious task for you. And for this reason, we've compiled this article, where we shall discuss a list of the best inserts you can buy to increase the comfort of your foot as you walk and thus protect you from hurt.

Best Insoles for Work Boots

1. Timberland Pro

Timberland PRO Men's Anti Fatigue Technology Replacement Insole

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First on our list is the Timberland Pro men’s insole that comes in an orange color.


Being in the first position, the insole hides among the best traits that add to its beauty. Such characteristics include;

  • The anti-fatigue technologies
  • Improved quality
  • Serves as a source of pride to you as the user
  • Increased comfort of the user
  • The sole is also synthetic meaning that, its materials are not harmful to your foot.

When you go buying for the best insoles, you want something that you can rely on for such a long time as possible. And all this is what Timberland Pro footbeds are here to accomplish.

The Timberland Pro hides is carefully tailored with an aim to increase the performance and comfort of your shoe.

It features exclusive cone foam, a treatment that seeks to absorb any shocks. It ensures to return the energy to your feet on each step that you take. To improve the quality of comfort is the anti-fatigue technology which gets designed relatively to shock-absorbing technology. It also aids in returning the energy to your foot and in return offers a whole day comfort and support.

Measuring 12 x 8x 4 inches and weighing up to 8 ounces, These insoles aim to increase pride on the user. The softness of the insoles aims to offer you comfort and support all day long. In return as a reward, you’re capable of improving your work performance. They help you to keep on good work, living in comfort and style. 

The work footwear is ideal if you work in an environment that it’s not comfortable, as the insert will increase the enjoyment at work. And from their lengthened durability and protection, you can always rely on their success. You also have a chance to compare the colors worth the shoes of your choice. 

2. The Powerstep Pinnacle Shoe Insoles

Powerstep Pinnacle Shoe Insoles

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Powerstep is among the best insoles for work boots that come with increased versatility The insert works for enhanced comfort to improve your work productivity.


Among the most basic elements that make the footbed fantastic include;

  • Maximum cushioning
  • The semi-rigid arch support
  • Increased ability for foot pain relief and prevention
  • The anti-microbial fabric materials
  • The insoles are more versatile for use in comparison to other brands

With maximum cushioning, they feature the EVA foam base that is durable covered by its plush top layer. When this gets paired with the variable cushioning technologies, they offered a double layer of controlled and targeted cushioning. And this is what facilitates to increased comfort of the shoe.

The semi-rigid arch support is firm but flexible to offer supper support. The deep heel cup works to increase your foot stability and comfort. As a result, you’re capable of controlling your foot motions when you’re making a run or in hard grounds. The insole also comes with anti-microbial fabric. It helps to reduce the heat from the friction between surfaces. As a result, it keeps the inside cool free of odor and well dried when you’re in any strenuous exercises. As a result, it makes it possible to keep your feet free of sweat and blisters, at increased comfort and in a healthy space.

Using this footbed in your shoes, it helps to prevent and relief you from developed pains. They are useful when dealing with such pains that associate with plantar fasciitis, metatarsal pain, flat feet, tired feet, sore, moderate pronation among many other foot pain conditions. It gives you a good reason why you should always consider it as a better option.

You also need to search for a product that is very versatile when it comes to its uses. Go for a product that supports neutral, low or high arches. And this is where you have to consider Powerstep as the best option. To add on its versatility, it also fit in different types of shoes that come with removable insoles. Among the options that you can consider include dress, casual, and work out shoes or your work boots. And with increased comfort, you can now start to imagine increasing your productivity.

A good insole is all that you need to consider when you’re in the market. Consider a brand that will minimize developing underneath blisters, and this will be a perfect choice. And since the insole is breathable, worry less about any bacterial infections. You always can enjoy your comfort all day long and at night feel your foot well relaxed without any tensions. Why then don’t you give them a try and see how much the insole can benefit you.

3. Plantar Fasciitis Feet Insoles

Flat Feet Insoles Arch Supports Orthotics Shoe Inserts Mens Shoes

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If you’re looking for something more durable, this blue work boot insoles will be an ideal choice. Also, with its blue color, the brand can easily complement with the shoe of different colors.


The Plantar insoles come with a list of ideal characteristics that increase its satisfaction to customers. These include;

  • Lengthened comfort experience
  • Comes with a deep heel cup
  • Made of durable EVA materials
  • The insole is also risk-free
  • Designed for daily use and all users.

The design of the plantar insoles aims at improving the anatomical arch support which makes proper foot alignment, increases on comfort and at the same time help to relieve you from foot stress. It also enhances the release of pains that relates to flat feet or the pronation, arthritis, diabetes, and bunions. It also helps you to feel relieved of heel spurs and heel pain.

The deep heel cup also aims to improve on foot positioning. It aims to reduce the shock when you experience strong impacts of landing experienced when you run or walk. It seeks to stabilize the foot and keep you safe from any hurts. It also helps to protect you from blister developing beneath your foot.

The EVA material used in the making of the inserts is also ideal in absorbing any produced shocks when you make any movements. It also facilitates pain relief. The good thing about the material is the ability to absorb the sweat in your feet. As a result, it helps to keep the space inside cool. It’s also breathable and therefore maintains a proper circulation of air inside the shoe. And since the materials are durable, you can consider depending on its use for a more extended period.

Note that, the insoles are ideal for daily use. It means that you can interchange them to different work boots that you consider using in your work. The good thing is that you can extend this versatility to other type shoes such as hiking or walking shoes. The comfort offered by these insoles will be ideal for all day’s footwear.

The insoles are risk-free. You only need to buy your pair today and enjoy the increased comfort and support it adds to your feet. The good thing is that you can always return on products that you feel does not satisfy your quest. 

4. Superfeet Orange Insoles

Superfeet ORANGE Insoles, High Arch Support and Forefoot Cushion Orthotic Insole for Anti-fatigue

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Among the best insole for work boots that fits both female and males is the Superfeet orange insoles. It’s among the most popular brands considered in the market.


Among many of its fantastic traits include;

  • Made of the color orange,
  • Comes with a deep heel cup,
  • It also features an enhanced stabilizer cap,
  • Comes with a Superfeet shape, and
  • Features high impact foam for the forefoot,
  • Strong stout legs

​The Superfeet is a design that aims to increase the comfort of your foot when you run or walk. And this is why it features the aero spring double comfort foam. The 2’’ high and 4” full inserts are commonly from the USA. It’s a high volume and high profile type of an insole. With volume, we talk about the space taken by the insole, but with the profile, we speak of how many shapes the beneath of your feet will experience.

​The design also features an enhanced stabilizer cap which offers the insole with incredible support for the rear foot. It also provides structure as well as the stability of the foam layer. The increased stability improves on your walking style and keeps you in control of the motions. It also features a deep heel cup which also increases support when you experience massive impact beneath your foot when you run or walk. Such a quality helps to keep you safe from any potential hurt. It also gives you comfort when you walk over long distances and therefore protects you from the

​The Superfeet shape also comes with the desire to minimize possible stress that your feet are likely to experience. Such gets achieved through stabilization and increased support for your foot. You can also benefit from reduced pain on the ankles as well as the knees.

The insole through its high-impact form helps to absorb shock when you’re on high-impact activities example when in a run, in sports or hard surfaces. Such protections protect your feet from potential feet pain, and blisters are developing beneath your foot. If you wish to learn more about the product, consider making a purchase, and you’ll not regret the choices you make.

5. Dr. Scholl’s Comfort

Dr. Scholl’s Comfort and Energy Work Insoles for Men, 1 Pair, Size 8-14

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If you work on hard surfaces, this is the design that you should always consider. It’ll help keep your feet safe from pain.


Among the most amazing characteristics that make this item ideal for use include;

  • The gel-technology which offers extra cushioning
  • The high arch-support
  • Highly flexible and versatile, and
  • Comes with a money back guarantee for unsatisfied customers,

The big idea here is the fact that the design takes care of people who work on hard surfaces. Such people experience daily discomfort which can lead to fatigue on your feet as well as legs. And this can lead to daily pain a problem that seems difficult to tackle. But with this Dr. Scroll’s insoles, everything gets organized.

The design employs the gel-technology in addition to extra cushioning. As a result, the insole offers all day extended shock absorption. As a result, it turns capable of staying a whole day energized and therefore maximize your work productivity. With increased production comes pride in your life and consequently the insole works as a primary source of pride.

The high arch-support offers a firm column that provides increased support to any areas that are overworked. The good thing is that the insoles are highly versatile and would work for work boots and shoes, sneakers or casual hiking shoes. You also have an option to trim the insert that it can perfectly fit into the shoe size.

Every company that offers a money back guarantee is confident in the services of its products. And this is why Dr. Scholl’s do offer this guarantee. Therefore, as long as you purchased from authorized resellers in Amazon, you can go ahead and reconsider a refund if the item does not meet your needs. 

6. Jobsite Power Tuff Anti-Fatigue Insoles

JobSite Power Tuff Anti-Fatigue Support Work Orthotic Insoles

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If you’re looking for something that would perfectly fit both men and women, this will be an ideal option. And with its lightweight, you can always run for the inserts.


Among the features that make this product appear on our list include;

  • The product is light in weight and durable,
  • Features a deep heel cup,
  • Made of an anti-bacterial fabric material, and
  • High arch-support with extra cushion.
  • Fits both female and males.

If you have a family that shares a similar shoe size, you need to be more economical and buy an insole that can get used by both genders. And this is the better the Jobsite model brings to your home. Also, you need something that is lightweight to reduce the weight that you have to carry around as you walk or run. Also, the product is durable and will last for an extended period. It, therefore, ensures that you continue to enjoy the comfort that comes with the insole for a longer time.

The deep heel cup I also ideal in adding to the support of your foot and its stability.
It ensures that your leg comfortably fit keeping you safe from any shocks. It also provides that your foot is in ideal alignment.

What else makes this insole ideal? It's anti-bacterial fabric making that makes sure there is no ongoing bacterial growth within the shoe. It’s breathable and therefore enables efficient flow of air within the sole. Also, it absorbs all the moisture and sweats your foot produce and keeps you under a more relaxed space.

The arch support helps to relieve the foot from induced pains, gives strength to your foot while reducing on possible fatigue.

7. Keen Utility K-20 Cushion Insole

Keen Utility Utility K-20 Cushion Insole, Black, Medium (9-10)

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as of August 9, 2020 12:21 am

​If you want something you can afford and still have a chance to experience the same best Keen Utility will be a perfect selection from the market.


Some of the most significant traits that you can consider for such a product include;

  • The brand is 100% made of synthetic materials,
  • It comes in a black color,
  • Well cushioned for maximum comfort. 

If you want something that will increase the comfort of your foot beneath at a low price, this will be an ideal selection. The good thing is that its make up consists of 100% synthetic materials that’ll absorb all the sweat and moisture your foot produces.

As a result, it helps to keep a cool space for your legs.

It also features a deep heel cup that improves on your leg’s support and maintains proper alignment of the foot. It also works as a shock absorber when you experience massive impact from hard surfaces or when you’re in a run.

Buyer’s Guide

When you have cash with you, it’s simple to decide to go shopping for the insoles to increase the comfort of your work boots. You want an insole that improves on the support of your feet and helps to release the pain from your feet. You, however, need to consider a variety of factors before you can decide what brand of insoles to buy.

Such factors include;

1. Type of Insoles

In the Amazon stores, you can buy either of their two types of insoles, that is, those designed for support and those for comfort. A comfort insert will come with additional cushioning and can either be flat or shaped with a foam cushioning. On the other hand, support inserts get made of less flexible materials that help to support your heel and arch. You should, therefore, consider the purpose of the insole before you can purchase one.

2. Budget

Before you can decide to buy a product, estimate what its price is and avoid jumping into a purchase. Buy something that suits your pocket size. You’ll always find a brand that can serve you the services you want at the price that you can afford without straining.

3. The Sizing

Before you can insert the insole into the work boot, you need to step on it first. Lift the other leg and try to balance on the insole. Consider the levels of your stableness. Feel the pressure you apply on the arch and the area around the ball. Also, check on the alignment of your heel. Place the insert inside the boots and try feeling how much comfort or supporting the insole offers to your foot. Also, make sure to remove the old insole before you can insert the new one. Feel if the insert works perfectly. Consider the overall feel and make a final decision about the purchase.


How do the insoles work?

When you are working, your leg muscles may become fatigued as they work to support your body. It may make you feel tired, achy and can even slow down your motion. Such are challenges that target tall people in particular. Using the insoles works to provide support and comfort. The cushioning helps to prevent fatigue and joints. They also help to make you feel more energized to continue with your work smoothly.


The above are among the best insoles for work boots that you can consider purchasing from Amazon stores. And now that I offered you a narrowed selection, you can easily make a perfect choice. I hope that you find this article helpful when you are in the market.

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