The 5 Best Graphing Calculators Review + Buying Guide

Before graphing calculator was introduced none of us have ever imagined that we can plot graphs, evaluate the complex equations to accurate decimal places or play games in a calculator. But, after the graphing calculator came into the market it has totally changed our concept about a calculator.

Moreover, a graphing calculator can also be used for programming or coding purpose. Due to its big display screen as compared to normal calculators it gets easier for the user get a better view. It can be used in mathematical as well as in science field. As a graphing calculator can be linked with other instruments such as pH gauge, light meters, electronic thermometers, and many more, therefore, it can also be used in laboratories.

There are basically three series of graphing calculators on which the modern graphing calculators are designed that is the Casio fx series, the hp (Hewlett Packard) series, and the ti (Texas instruments) series.

Best Graphing Calculators Review

Calculators are the neglected tools lying on the desk, it is a small gadget which helps us to solve numerical questions within no time. It is fascinating, yet effective in use. It is imperative that everyone in either school or office, have a calculator to save your back. There are always some complicated calculations, which can be efficient can be done using calculators. The graphing calculators are a special breed of calculators different from others. Yes, they might be expensive yet they provide solutions that smaller ones cannot operate on.

In this article, we are going to take a look into some of the best graphing calculators in the market from a wide array of choices. Note that we are not advertising any product, we are only listing them so that one can easily guide their choices.

One of the most powerful handheld models which employ a Complex Algebra System helps one to understand both mathematics and numerical model statistics easily within grasp. It can be attributed Math, Algebraic Precision, and Science. This graphing calculator is designed using the graphing calculator with a better experience in memory space and improved quality of display with powerful contrast. It can be used for solving mathematical as well as scientific expressions.

Texas Instruments Nspire CX CAS Graphing Calculator
  • check
    Real world images can be imported
  • check
    Values inserted with correct notation
  • check
    Usage feels like a computer, scroll down, and save
  • check
    Rechargeable battery helps it to recharge with a USB cable
  • CS CAS student software can be installed to implement more creativity and applying them to real-world objects
  • It does the basic calculations of the calculator, graph, geometry, spreadsheet, and notes

This product is a powerhouse which combines all the features a basic one has, and with accepted to take SAP standard, it provides a complete learning experience with professional development and resource center. So, this product is a must-buy for people looking for sophisticated models.

A competitive product for its function of versatility, accuracy, and fastness. It is a complex machine to handle so be prepared to read the manual before using it. It is one of the modern graphing calculators based on hp series. It has big 3.5 inch and multi-touch display. It has a great memory of 32mb and 256mb flash. Besides this, the calculator also includes features such as dynamic geometry, computer algebra systems (CAS), advanced graphing, spreadsheet applications, hp equation writer and solve, keystrokes accompanied by rpn and programmable functions.

HP Prime Graphing Calculator
  • check
    320*240 bit touch Screen display
  • check
    32 MB memory
  • check
    USB Chargeable
  • check
    Powerful and fast
  • Can do all forms of calculations ranging from scientific, graphing, statistical and math functions
  • CAS system for better functionality

The model is packed with a powerful processor, with 32 MB flash memory, enough to hold all data and apps. It is a versatile one with functions related to anything.

One of the best Casio calculators out there with plenty of benefits attached. It is based on Casio fx series with high-resolution liquid crystal display (LCD) and high-speed of 62kb random access memory (ram). With USB-connectivity for file sharing, ap statistics feature, and one-step graph-solve feature, it is very useful for students.

Casio Fx-cg50-ih Color Graphing Calculator
  • check
    High-resolution LCD
  • check
    Picture plot enables to draw real-life images
  • check
    Easy to use- iconic menu
  • check
    Preloaded AAA batteries
  • Test model capability
  • 3D Graphics Drawing

Casio has made this product for anyone to use, this one can be also charged using USB and have preloaded apps for use. Compact yet easily affordable makes it a good choice.

This model is a reliable one, built to last and perform. It is useful for performing complex calculations very easily, with the ease of finding out the plots with use of grid lines. The math print technology in ti-84 helps the students to compute fractions and equations with proper notations. It has a memory space of 480kb read only memory (ROM) and 28k random access memory (RAM). Also, it can analyze up to 10 functions and has 12 pre-loaded apps in it.

Texas Instruments TI-84 Plus CE Graphing Calculator
  • check
    Vibrant colorful backlit screen
  • check
    Rechargeable battery
  • check
    Pre-loaded apps and images
  • check
    Mathprint functionality
  • Lighter and faster models than the previous versions
  • Ample storage for apps/data

It is one of the top contenders for the post with its high advantages and reliability if kept together for such a small price. Guaranteed with the regular TI-84 functionality, it is the spinoffs to refold the acclaimed range.

This model features a friendly user interface, making it suitable to use without running through the massive manual some models do come through. Calculations ranging from factorial, logical, plots, matrices and also bar graphs and charts.

Casio fx-9860GII Graphing Calculator
  • check
    Data communication with the 1.5MB storage
  • check
    High-resolution LCD with 64*128 dot display
  • check
    High-speed CPU
  • check
    Out of box USB operation
  • Features natural textbook display
  • The built-in software helps in data analysis and spreadsheets

This model is affordable to everyone, so don’t think it lacks the functions required or that it is inferior. It is a go-to choice for students who like to explore data analytics and spreadsheets.

Buyer's Guide

Distinctive designs and assortments of graphing calculators are available in the market which facilitate the easy operation to complex calculations. These calculators are available in most of the countries.

The most popular graphic calculator available on Amazon is the Graphing Calculator. This Is available for shipping to most of the countries provided the customer gives the exact address and location

This graphing calculator has a whooping rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars which is extremely excellent rating for online users. Such a rating shows the high quality and value of the product. It is a top product available under the financial and engineering instruments category.

While choosing a graphing calculator the first question that arises is that why graphing calculator and not the scientific one. So here is the answer –

  • The basic reason for choosing graphing calculator over scientific calculator is that you can perform graphical functions and compute the points of intersection.
  • Moreover, you can execute set programs/codes in a graphing calculator while in the scientific calculator you won’t be able to do that.
  • The graphing calculators can also be used for enjoyment purposes in free time through its gaming feature.
  • You can also transfer files using USB link from pc to calculator. 

Points to remember while buying a graphing calculator –

  • Always choose the graphing calculator as per your requirement.
  • Always check that the graphing calculator must have a manual guide with it.
  • If the graphing calculator has a USB point in it, then there should be always a USB cable with it.

A graphing calculator is portable device which works like a computer that is competent of plotting graphs which is helpful for engineers and designers or architects, solving simultaneous equations, and performing other tasks with variables. Most popular graphing calculators are viable and dynamic thereby allowing the user to create customized programs, typically for scientific/engineering, architectural and other educational purposes.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why to buy graphing calculators rather than computers?

Graphing calculators are least advanced than computers rather there are many features in computers which you can't even perform in graphing calculators such as MS-excel and many more. But the reason why you should buy graphing calculators rather than computers is that of the expensive cost of computers as compared to graphing calculators. The graphing calculators are least expensive than computers. Moreover, graphing calculators are allowed in some exams whereas the computers are not.

2. What are key features that one should check before buying a graphing calculator?

First of all, if you are a beginner then always check that there should be a manual guide with the graphing calculator, check all the basic functions of the graphing calculator and whether the calculator has a USB link for file transfer or not.

3. Which graphing calculator is the best?

Different graphing calculators have different features. So as per your need, you should compare the features of different graphing calculators and then buy it.

4. Is it allowed to use graphing calculators in PSAT or SAT exams?

Yes, there are graphing calculators available in the markets which are approved by PSAT or SAT exams. So, you can use it in these exams. If you are buying it for the following exams then you should always check that model you are purchasing should be approved by these exams.

5. Is it possible to transfer files from computer to graphing calculator?

Yes, with the help of USB link you can transfer the files from your computer to graphing calculators.

Final Words

So, the graphing calculators can be used in various fields. Whether you are an engineer, a researcher in the laboratory or a mathematician, you can use it efficiently and anywhere. But you should know how to use it properly. Students often get bored while studying, so they can use it as an amusement purpose as it has gaming features. As I said earlier that to choose the best graphing calculator it’s up to your own requirement.

To use a graphing calculator smoothly, you should know all the features accurately otherwise it will just act as a useless electronic device. The price of a graphing calculator may vary, but it’s not like that a low pricing graphing calculator is not suitable rather it depends on individual’s requirement. 

So don’t wait just choose the best graphing calculator and make your life easier. It is very much clear from the above products that the graphing calculators are far better than the scientific calculators. In addition, it can also be used in some exams which can help the students a lot. So now it is up to you that whether you want to be advanced or not. If you really want to be advanced in this competitive world then you must buy a graphing calculator for a better result.

I am Hannah, an experienced writer based in the UK. I had completed my bachelor degree in humanities. Although my degree covers many areas my specific area of study includes communication, product description, social media marketing, and creative writing. I highly believe that customer who is buying a product should have the relevant knowledge about the product.

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