Best Granite Sealer Reviews – Buying Guide

A granite sealer packs a lot of other benefits apart from offering protection to the surface. It makes cleaning easier as there is no need for any kind of chemicals to be used nor they are advised as chemicals like bleach or acids can ruin the integrity of the seal. It will also seal the crevices and joints where the bacteria are usually found and thereby maintaining the sanitary value of the material. And hence this is one way to avoid any irreversible damage to the granite surface.

Best Granite Sealers

An improper choice can lead to several irreversible complications and spoil the integrity of your stone. Check out the brief guide on how to's and what to's.

Why buying granite sealer is important?

Similar to other minerals and stones, granite is also porous by nature and oils and moisture will eventually seep into them. Hence it is important to apply some kind of sealant to it in order to avoid this problem. A properly sealed granite will slip any liquids or staining substance spilled on it and can help you in maintaining its luster and physical properties. Sometimes it can even offer protection against etching caused by acidic substances.

The main purpose of granite sealing is to fill the gaps and fissures that occur naturally in the granite structure. This will eventually avoid a salt attack, which happens the water filled in the crevices or on the surface evaporates and leaves the salt behind. The salt causes expansion and hence weakens the structural integrity. This can also happen when the water inside the gaps and pores are frozen due to the outside temperature causing volume expansion.

When applied in the right manner, granite sealers offer an impeccable protective layer which safeguards your property for a very long period of time. It can also last longer than its expectancy if used in an appropriate manner. It is the best interest of your granite floor that the sealer is applied in parts and not in whole so that it is effectively taken care of at every part of the slab. Make sure that the sealer is applied on a clean and level surface as you do not want any harmful substance stuck between the surface and the sealing layer for its lifetime. This will hugely diminish the effect of the sealer and will only speed up the process of disintegration of the granite.

Best Granite Sealer Reviews

1. Black Diamond Nex-Gen Natural Stone Penetrating Sealer5.0
2. Weiman Granite & Stone Sealer4.0
3. Stone Pro Ultimate Pro Sealer4.5
4. ​Stone Care Granite and Stone Sealer3.5
5. Supreme Surface Granite Sealer and Cleaner4.0

Granites should be considered as a prized possession and efforts should be made to protect them. Using granite sealer to seal them is one way go about it and its implications and necessities are discussed above.

Granite is one of the strongest and durable mineral material that is known to mankind. Because of its moisture-resistant property, this is widely being used as a kitchen counter-top or sometimes as a tabletop too. This can be found in almost every household. Anyone who realizes how precious these granite tops and other granite utilities are will surely make efforts to seal them to protect them. Here are some products to seal granite in order to protect their beauty for a long period of time.

Black Diamond has come up with a granite cleaner and sealer which has been called to be times ahead of it.

  • The cleaner is pH neutral cleaner
  • Use-able over a variety of stones like marble, travertine, limestone, ceramic, quartz, Corian and Silestone.
  • It comes in a simple spray nozzle and bottle which is very easy to use.
  • Great protection against oil, coffee, food and wine
Black Diamond Granite Plus! Cleaner and Sealer-in-One
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Rock Doctor has come with a great sealant and polisher which has been a public favorite for around 15 years now. They have claimed to make the product keeping the consumer's needs and requirements in mind.

  • The bottle comes in a simple but useful spray can form and the solution is applicable on granite, marble and any other natural stone surface.
  • It is a ready-to-use product manufactured in the United States of America.
  • The granite sealant is a water-based sealer which has excellent effects on grout too.
  • The goal of the company with this product is to keep the stone surface as shiny as it was the day it was first installed in your house.
Rock Doctor Granite Sealer, 18 Ounce
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Granite Gold granite sealer is currently the best granite sealer and protector out there in the market. They recommend constant use of the sealant to avoid etching and staining of the stone. Best way to check is to pour water over a diameter of 3 inches and let it rest for 30 minutes. If this causes staining of some type it indicates that the seal needs to be applied again. Granite Gold is currently the best granite sealant and protector out there which has gained nothing but positive reviews.

  • This product is perfect for granite counter-tops and other natural stones like marble and quartz.
  • The product is available in what has been described as easy-to-use spray nozzle and wipes which provide high-end protection and sealing for all natural stones.
  • check
    Applicable on surfaces used for eating and cooking
Granite Gold Sealer Preserver & Protectant
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Tuff Duck is a product from Rocklinite Labs which is used as a granite, grout and marble sealer and protector. It is a great product applicable to many platforms and stones.

  • It is a useful product which could be used for a number of types of stone like granite, grout, marble, travertine, limestone, slate and concrete.
  • Though the product is a sealant, the product does not damage soft and delicate stones like quartz.
  • They provide protection with a single coat with a non-acidic formula which does not damage the stone.
  • The protection period is 5 years for interiors and 3 years for exteriors.
Tuff Duck Granite, Grout and Marble Sealer
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The granite sealer and protector from Trinova is a premium solution for any stone surface which includes marble. If it is your first time using granite sealant, this product will be highly recommended. This is a fine product at the price range and gives a beautiful shine with great sealing.

  • It can be used on a wide variety of stones like Marble, Granite, Quartz and Soapstone.
  • The sealant uses special polymer technology which seeps into the porous texture of the stone and keeps stains from entering the stone and becoming permanent.
  •  They give a polished look and protect the places which are difficult to wash. 
  • Good for all types of surface
TriNova’s Granite Sealer & Protectant
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This is a great all-in-one product which can be used for all your stone care needs. The Supreme Surface Granite Sealer and Cleaner is not only a sealant but also cleans your surfaces shiny new. A great multi-purpose product for domestic use.

  • The Supreme Surface sealer has an effective protection formula which breaks the bonds in grease and dirt to give you a clean surface
  • Along with cleaning, the solution is also a great sealant which will enter the porous surface and protect it from water and oil-based attack.
  • Simple to use 7.5-inch bottle for easy handling and use
  • Use-able over granite and quartz surface
Supreme Surface Granite & Quartz, Cleaner, Polish and Sealer
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This is a great product which provides great sealing and protection to granite surfaces. it comes in simple yet useful spray nozzle bottle which makes cleaning stone surfaces easy.  It is specially modified to protect stone surfaces from water and oil-based materials. This is a fine product for all your domestic granite protection needs.

  • Protection from water and oil based material
  • Available in a spray nozzle type bottle
  • Coverage of 72 sq. ft in 1 application
  • Easy to use
  • check
    Good protection over surfaces of granite
Stone Care Granite and Stone Sealer
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This is a very strong and useful tool if you want your laid stone to look as good as new. Stone Pro brings us Pro Sealer which is an all-purpose impregnating sealer, which is to say once applied it will enter the porous surface of the stone and repel any damaging substance. It is a great sealer which is applicable to a wide variety of surfaces.

  • It is primarily used if you want to avoid water and oil damage.
  • The sealant is usable over a range of surfaces like marble, granite, travertine, tile and grout. 
  • It is an eco-friendly substance which contains fluoropolymer, giving the highest quality protection.
  • Being environmental also makes it safe to use on surfaces used t prepare and eat food on.
Stone Pro Ultimate Pro Sealer
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Weiman Granite and Stone Sealer is a great product for all your granite protection needs. It comes in a 24oz bottle with a spray nozzle which is very easy to use and effect in applying the solution. This is the product for you if the goal is to achieve craftsman level sealing at an affordable price.

  • This sealer is capable of deflecting attacks from oil-based materials and water-based materials.
  • Since the Granite and stone sealer is non-acidic, it could be used on alkali surfaces like Quartz without the hazard of dangerous and damaging fumes.
  • It is usable on surfaces like granite, marble, limestone, concrete, clay tile and stucco while being impervious to cracking and freezing if applied outside.
  • Deflects all oil and water based material
Weiman Granite & Stone Sealer
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This product is from Black Diamond’s Stoneworks line which provides products for cleaning and protecting stonework in your house. Granite Sealer is the latter of the two with its primary function as protection of granite in your house from various damaging entities. Black Diamond Granite Sealer is a great product for your daily stone protection needs. Black Diamond Granite Sealant is a great product for all your granite protection needs.

  • It comes in a simple spray nozzle and bottle design which is easy to use.
  • This sealant allows protection from damaging components like water and oil giving professional like results.
  • The simplicity of this product comes from the fact that it is water based and minimum to no odor, so the protection need not smell your whole house up.
Black Diamond Nex-Gen Natural Stone Penetrating Sealer
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Buying Guide

  • check
    A granite sealer is a great way to keep stains away from your granite tops. But it might not be the case when the granite does not support the use of sealers like the black granite. And hence the compatibility between the object and the sealer is a vital point to consider before making a choice.
  • check
    The granite sealers are delivered to the stone surface by means of absorption. Some type of granite stones tends to absorb more than the other and hence it is important to select a specific composition for every different structure of granite. This way the solid part of the sealer can easily get access to the pores and seal them off from any liquids and stains while the liquid part functions as a vehicle to deliver the sealing substance.
  • check
    Here comes the chemical composition of the sealer. Though most sealers are composed of substances that do not induce any harm to the integrity of the stone it does not hurt to check that again. If there is even a mild chance that your sealer can produce a corrosive effect on the stone surface, it best to avoid using that.
  • check
    Test the sealer for its seepage preventing quality. If the water does not bead on the surface, it practically does not offer any protection against liquid and stains caused due to them. Hence the purpose is lost and money is wasted.
  • check
    Check for toxicity of its composition as you do want any harmful chemicals getting mixed up with your food or being consumed accidentally. And also the sealer coating should not evaporate easily and also it should not release any toxic substance into the air. These are some major concerns that should be looked after.

Factors to consider before buying a granite sealer

The main factor to be considered is how often would you use your granite top. If you are not gonna use them to place your things and other utilities it is practically being safeguarded already from stains and other damage-causing issues.

The next thing to consider is what do you expect out of sealer. Do not believe all the myths like the sealers are used to produce a shiny layer on top of the stone or it offers a stain-free protection. The sealer is a substance the stone more resistant to stain and does not completely repel them. Its effect, of course, subdues overtime and hence get your priorities and expectations straight before buying them.

Analyse your stone and find out whether it requires any sealing or not. Most of the dark colored stones do not require any kind of sealing over them as they are naturally very hard and non-porous.

Consequences Of buying the Wrong One

One wrong move is enough to topple a kingdom. This holds good for the granite sealers too. A wrong choice can lead to complete destruction of your property or even worse. When the wrong type sealer is used it can lead to some serious irreversible complications. The granite strength will soften if any corrosive chemical is used in the sealer. Acid etching and weakening of plate strength due to straining will be severe.

Sometimes the sealer chemical might even evaporate due to the heat generated in the surrounding atmosphere which is usually the case in home kitchens and causes the release of toxic substances in the area. This will not only reduce the cover of the granite but also affect your health at several levels.

You might be under the presumption that it is now safe to place edible substances on the surface of your granite floor as there is a protective covering. There is a chance that the sealer used is not actually compatible with the granite surface and is not quite attached to it. And hence you will find yourself consuming the sealer substance along your food as you consume it after placing on the sealed surface.

Hence apart from deciding to seal your granite, choosing the right sealer is equally important. Sometimes it does not stop with the right choice but also extends to the method of application. If the sealer is applied in a non-advisable manner, the whole purpose is lost and the result will also be not obtained.

FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

What is a sealer?

How to know the right to seal your granite surface?

Will the layer be visible to the eye or produce any odor?


Above all things, if you still feel that you have not received your money’s worth, you can still remove the layer by dissolving it in chemicals. It is highly recommended by petrologists that you should give a protective layer to the stones that you use for domestic purposes so that their integrity is preserved for the time to come.


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