The 7 Best Earplugs for Concerts Review

For music fans, appearing at concerts is virtually inevitable. Nothing beats relishing the music of a favorite band live on the stage. Though another requirement is your hearing plus you must all the time take proper preventive measures to defend your ears from the unreasonably loud sound. As you might suppose, concerts are identical with deafening music. 

If one is an avid concert devotee, whether you enjoy seeing spectacles at small settings or crowded stadiums it is best to continuously have earplugs to aid prevent continuing harm to your hearing. That too applies to anybody employed in the music business. Whether you are an employee, a journalist or stage crew attending a performance the ears are unprotected at a hazardously heavy bombardment of sound throughout the spell of the concert. 

Best Earplugs for Concerts

This is why it is significant to have dependable earplugs that are precisely intended for shows. These are not the same from generic plugs as they are meant to block out the damaging noise whereas still permitting you to perceive the music devoid of it getting distorted or sounding muffled. If you are eyeing for a fast endorsement, our picks are dependent on their build quality, general value plus that they are explicitly intended for music fans that require superior sound. 

Nevertheless, numerous other countless preferences are assessed below. If you are still undecided, you can go down to the Buyer's Guide to understand the crucial issues that were looked at in every make of earplugs to assemble this list of the top picks. 

As one would suppose, a musician needs an exceptional earplug which not only reduces sound nonetheless also permits them to perceive their music devoid of any kind of distortion - notice to concert lovers you certainly likewise need to guard your ears.

Though you might not really necessitate earplugs that are mainly meant for musicians, there are some excellent earplugs for gigs numerous of which are more reasonably priced than some of the specified earplugs on this listing.

Best Earplugs for Concerts Review

The loudspeakers in gigs prompt high-frequency noise which may become the root of the tinnitus (ringing in ears) or hearing loss. Consequently, the sounds hurt the hearing as they get to the ear at 120 dB and overhead. In line with the research, if you use more than the 15 - 20 minutes near loud noise then, you can experience tinnitus or a hearing loss. Here are the best the 7 Best Earplugs for Concerts Review:

1 - EarDial Earplugs

EarDial Ear Plugs - Invisible Smart Earplugs for Live Music - Comfortable and Discreet High-Fidelity Reusable Hearing Protection with App. Perfect for Concert, Nightclub, Festival, Musician, DJ, etc.

$27.87  in stock
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1 used from $ 25.13
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as of April 3, 2021 1:21 pm


  • Has a Companion Application
  • High-fidelity sound filter.
  • See-through plus low-profile design.
  • Hypoallergenic silicone earplugs.

If one needs something that is entirely unnoticeable when worn whereas similarly offering protection from deafening noises in addition to possessing a high-fidelity aptitude, then you may need to buy EarDial.

Moreover its crystal-clear silicone building, the EarDial Ear Plugs equally uses double flange design for optimal seal round the ear canals. It too possesses a Hi-Fi noise filter which is positioned in the middle part of your earplugs. This assists to diminish loud noises whereas still letting one to hear the music, in addition, to have a discussion with another individual.

For persons who disquiet about having trouble taking out earplugs, this EarDIal has a tab which you can effortlessly pull. Its filter too comes with the extra defensive coating to guard it against earwax and dirt. It makes it stress-free to clean also.

One attractive aspect of EarDial is the companion app wherein users can install in their smartphone. This app aids measure the sound in your environment and offer you a calculated period to how extended EarDial can guard one against unduly loud noise. Although that trait isn't a game changer, it helps warn you for how extensive the earplugs can safeguard the eardrums afore any damage occurs. 

The thoughtful design of the earplug is excellent for people who aren't comfortable with earplugs which project out of the ears. It likewise aids you to track how long you can securely stay in a loud setting. 

2) Etymotic High-Fidelity ER20XS

Etymotic High-Fidelity Earplugs, ER20XS Standard Fit, 1 pair, Polybag Packaging

$13.40  in stock
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4 used from $ 7.72
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as of April 3, 2021 1:21 pm


  • Comprises: 1 pair Typical Fit ER20XS High-Fidelity Earplugs, carrying case and neck cord
  • Ear tips are replaceable making them the most profitable high-fidelity earplug-New, the low-profile design fits cozily in the ears devoid of bulging; comfy to wear under helmets, hats plus other headdresses.
  • Decrease the prospects for getting an injury of noise from vehicles, machinery, tools, concerts and sporting events.
  • Sound superiority is so decent they are utilized by expert and unprofessional artists. Hear the variance that true high-fidelity makes.
  • Diminish sound levels consistently, so environmental sounds and speech are natural and flawless.
  • Not endorsed for usage with impulse noise like shooting sports.
  • Not suggested for slumbering

One of the other renowned brands when it comes to making high-fidelity earplugs, the Etymotic has confirmed the excellence of their inventions consistently. The Etymotic ER20XS Earplugs employ a compact three-way flange design to craft a decent seal in the ear canals. It is able to deliver an NRR of 20 dB that can provide solid defense for the eardrums.

The ER20XS likewise manages to preserve sound excellence making it extremely commended for concertgoers and musicians similarly. The coziness level is also attractively respectable as it is able to fit in the ear canal without instigating any uneasiness at all. It is suggestible you handle it and preserve it correctly to make the most of its existence.

3) Surefire EP4 Sonic Ear Defenders

SureFire EP4 Sonic Defenders Plus filtered Earplugs, triple flanged design, reusable, Black, Medium

$14.95  in stock
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as of April 3, 2021 1:21 pm


  • 24 dB NRR.
  • EarLock design technology.
  • Compact and low-profile construction.

Part of an active rock group? It is probable you shall need an earplug that offers enough safety to counter the loud tunes of a guitar and the deafening beats of a drum set. In that respect, you may need to explore the Surefire EP4 Sonic Ear Defense.

For those who enjoy some head banging, the Surefire EP4 too comes with its trademarked EarLock aspect that shelters the earplug to the ears. The EP4 likewise has a 24 dB NRR which ought to be sufficient to defend the ears even from a gun sound. It does this without distressing the acoustic fidelity so much. It employs the three-layered flange design that aids bring an impermeable seal around the ears.

Though, triple flange earplugs can root uneasiness to some users. As an extra trait, the EarLock design is well-matched with other communication gear as the noise lessening filter is detachable. High quality to have if you frequently employ other earphones and earplugs for diverse activities.

4) Earasers Musician Plugs

Earasers Musicians Hi-Fi Plugs Small

$39.99  in stock
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as of April 3, 2021 1:21 pm


  • Comfy egg-shaped shaped design.
  • Three editions with variable NRR.
  • Made in different sizes.

For persons who feel itchy putting on triple flange earplugs, Earasers Musicians Plugs may be more onto your route. It employs an ovoid tip design which likewise attains an excellent seal around the ear canals. These silicone earbuds adjust to the size of your ear canal which transforms to improved coziness. If one experiences earplug tiredness, this might be a good substitute.

Earasers is similarly a subsidiary of a recognized maker of hearing-aids that is why it is believed they can provide a level of proficiency in this type that numerous other companies can't. The Earaser earplugs are obtainable in three editions, each posing diverse levels of NRR. That permits for a suppler choice dependent on where one shall be employing it.

You can select amid 19 dB, 26 dB, or 31 dB NRR earplugs. They are also accessible in various sizes from small to extra-large. As for fidelity, these earplugs are able to uphold balanced sound superiority to offer users with excellent comprehension of their music throughout the gig.

The Earaser Musician Plugs might be an attractive alternative for people who hurt from earplug exhaustion. The oval-shaped earbuds fit fairly agreeably in the ears devoid of putting a strain on it. It similarly comes in three NRR versions that are different.

5) DeciBullz Custom Molded Earplugs

Decibullz - Custom Molded Earplugs, 31dB Highest NRR, Comfortable Hearing Protection for Shooting, Travel, Swimming, Work and Concerts (Black)

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as of April 3, 2021 1:21 pm


  • Moldable earplugs.
  • Simple shape system permits you to remold it all the time.
  • Meant for usage with other things like swimming.

The DEciBullz Earplugs are durable and reusable. It is intended to lodge other activities that need the ears to be sheltered from damaging loud noises. It has to be said that the design of your earplug is fairly fashionable as it looks much like a real headphone than earplug.

A pleasant touch nonetheless that likewise implies it is somewhat noticeable, a disadvantage for people who desire something a bit more discreet. Its silicone tips employ the tripartite flange designed that is either bad or good depending on if one finds the design comfy or not.

At present, the primary benefit of the earplug is that it is entirely moldable. One can dip it in a glass of sizzling water for several minutes, allow it dry then faintly cool off, when cool sufficiently to handle merely put them in the ears and wait for them to mold into a shape that flawlessly fits the ears.

The DeciBullz is an inimitable earplug wherein it permits you to tailor mold the fit of its ear buds. If you get troubled to discover an earplug that provides the flawless fit, then this ought to be an excellent substitute to essentially obtaining a costly tailored earplug from the audiologists.

6) Eargasm High-Fidelity Earplugs

Eargasm High Fidelity Earplugs for Concerts Musicians Motorcycles Noise Sensitivity Conditions and More (Ear Plugs Come in Premium Gift Box Packaging) - Blue

$34.88  in stock
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as of April 3, 2021 1:21 pm


  • 16 dB NRR.
  • Hypoallergenic silicone plugs.
  • 2 Sizes 

If you favor guarding the ears against disproportionately loud noises nonetheless want to relish the music devoid of lowering sound superiority at that point the Eargasm earplugs are undoubtedly worth a gaze. This one is a must-have for concert lovers who desire their music quality intact when putting on earplugs.

This Eargasm Hi-Fi earplug comes with 2 sizes to aid guarantee that it fits flawlessly in the ears. After you have chosen the right size, simply attach its sonic filter plus you are all ready to go. It is dearer than the normal foam earplugs since it does trait better quality, extra features, and two sizes to pick from.

In reliability terms and luxury, only customized earplugs shall be able to beat Eargasm Hi-Fi when it comes to quality; nonetheless, custom ones are similarly nearly triple the asking price. The product is for the picky music devotee who needs the sound superiority uninterrupted while too offering solid hearing guard in concerts.

7) Hearos Ultimate Softness Series

HEAROS Ultimate Softness Series Ear Plugs, Beige, 56 Pair

$9.46  out of stock
as of April 3, 2021 1:21 pm


  • One set comes with 40 earplugs.
  • 32 dB NRR.

Let us end the list with one of the best rated plus most inexpensive earplugs obtainable, the Hearos Ultimate Softness Series. This foam plugs are tremendously comfy and are mostly entirely stress-free to put on additionally. It possesses an NRR of 32dB that is quite imposing and should completely guard the ears from injury in gigs.

The ease and higher NRR implies this is perfect for utilization in long events and concerts. Bear in mind that protracted exposure to deafening noises, even with great earplugs, can root injury. As Hearos provide an advanced NRR, it brings better protection for a lengthier epoch. It is similarly one of the comfiest foam earplugs which is likewise a big advantage.

The disadvantage with it is that its high NRR shall unquestionably upset sound quality. It is an excellent alternative for gig enthusiasts who are searching for a low-priced, comfy, and dependable earplug to utilize during lengthier occasions. A great earplug for artists, the 20 dB shall be sufficient to defend from loud, damaging noise in standard live concerts. The ER20XS is a respectable solid, versatile pick. 

Buyer’s Guide

If you have been to a gig before, you may have gone through the ringing in the ears after that. There is not anything good if one experiences that in their ears. That is because it only implies that you have unintentionally injured your hearing. If you carry on going to concerts lacking an earplug simply you are asking for the hearing to worsen. In the worst situations, you shall lose it entirely.

Currently that you recognize the potential plus severe risk of appearing in gigs with no appropriate protection for the ears, it is essential to check the various sorts of earplugs obtainable in the marketplace when buying one. Some are moderately low-priced while others are modified to meet specific standards; those are much costly but are too more dependable in defending the hearing from deafening noises.

These sorts of earplugs correspondingly do not stop noise entirely; it merely diminishes it down to harmless levels. This implies you shall still be capable of enjoying music without spoiling the fun thoroughly.

The most significant trait to look for while selecting the earplugs is the NRR. This is principally the quantity of decibels or noise an earplug blocks. Persons in the music business recognize full aptly what the decibel is, which is the amount of sound concentration to the inexperienced is.

At the moment, a basic general rule is that the harmless decibel range is beneath 85 decibels. This is a range of decibel that the human ear can endure devoid of risking or suffering any sort of injury to the eardrums.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Should you wear earplugs in concerts?

The lengthier you are unprotected to sound levels that are loud, the bigger the hearing loss risk. Consequently, if you intend on attending a 2-hour show, you risk noteworthy damage to the ears. Not to state that an entire day music carnival. Deafening music at events can bring permanent hearing damage and tinnitus.

The tinnitus and hearing loss can root a remarkable waning in general quality of life. It may lead to an abridged reasoning function, downheartedness, an amplified risk of falls and high blood pressure. Consequently, the answer to this query is "yes." One must wear earplugs at a concert to defend your hearing. But then again, not any earplugs, some of the earplugs are superior to others.

2) How can earplugs enhance your concert experience?

Earplugs generate a more balanced, controlled listening and comfortable experience. They permit you to evade the painful and harmful ear ringing feeling whereas still being capable of listening to the music explicitly, getting you in control of the listening experience.


Amongst the most significant tests facing concertgoers and musicians who need to guard their valuable ears against harmful sounds is having to forego sound excellence for the safety they characteristically acquire. This isn't the situation with these best earplugs for concerts. Selecting the finest earplug for the gig essentially boils down to individual partiality.

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Do you need an inexpensive earplug? The foam type shall do the trick, but it takes a little more time to wear and remove them. Do you necessitate an earplug that stays on the ear and gives more suitability in comparison to the foam type? A flange earplug may be your pick if you do not find putting them on prickly for protracted periods.

Custom provides the best-varied experience nonetheless it is suggestively more costly. Concerts may be a pleasant experience however it too runs the risk of injuring the eardrums. Thwart this from taking place while similarly enjoying your music with earplugs for live performances and shows. The listing of the earplugs above are amid the most elegant choices accessible at the moment plus they are guaranteed to protect the ears while furthermore letting one enjoy the gig without degrading of sound quality.

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