Top 5 Best Cordless Vacuum for Pet Hair (Review)

Are you fed-up of employing the heavy corded vacuum cleaners to clean pet hair? For sustaining a hair-free home, the best cordless vacuum for pet hair is much more suitable - as long as they can take care of pet hair.

Best Cordless Vacuum for Pet Hair

Cats and dogs make pleasant friends, though they don't make it stress-free to keep the home clean! Apart from bringing leaves, mud plus many other things to your house, they too cover your furniture and floors with hair. 

Attempting to keep the pet hair controlled can regularly feel like a daunting task. While cats and dogs shed variable amounts, all the pet owners require a first-class vacuum cleaner. The right cleaner can make it easy and quick to take out hairs stuck on upholstery or snarled in carpet fibers. 

The difficulty is that many pets shed uninterruptedly. For the nastiest offenders, owners might necessitate vacuuming manifold times every week, or even every day. This is quite time consuming mainly if you are using a hulking upright vacuum.

That is the reason cordless vacuums for cats and dog hair are becoming more prevalent. These expedient cord-free vacuum cleaners are excellent for whipping around the house to dispose of hair, dirt, and dust. The absence of a cord and light design implies they are similarly excellent for spot vacuuming.

Best Cordless Vacuum for Pet Hair

For persons looking for a vacuum cleaner that is precisely meant for amassing and disposal of pet hair, itemized below are Top 5 Best Cordless Vacuum for Pet Hair in the marketplace today. By examining the features of every unit, making a choice as to which vacuum cleaner to purchase would be much simpler.

1. Dyson V7 Animal Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Dyson V6 Animal Plus Cord-Free Vacuum

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  • 150% extra Brush Bar Power
  •  Hassle-free and Cord-free
  • Up to about 20 minutes of constant suction.

Lightweight and Very Sleek Body – This cleaner tops our listing with about 4.6 pounds, making it amid the lightest hand-held vacuum cleaners in the market nowadays. Its body is similarly reasonably slender, so cleaning turns to a lot less of an encumbrance.

Armed with a Digital Dyson V7 Motor – its suction power in the machine is as much as one can imagine from a conventional vacuum cleaner. In the face of its miniature size, it is quite adept of picking up dust, pet hair, plus microscopic particles that modest wiping or dusting often misses.

Dyson V7 Animal Technology – like the name implies this machine is mostly envisioned to be employed for vacuuming subsequent to pet shedding. On top of the V7 motor, it is similarly fitted with 2 Tier radial cyclones that offer enhanced suction power, plus a carbon fiber cleaner head technology which drives the bristles deeper into your carpet consequently it does not miss out anything.

Irrespective of which vacuum cleaner one chooses, you shall have an accomplished machine which can pick up your pets' hair effectively. It all comes down to your precise needs plus how much cash you are ready to use to keep your residence spotless. 

2. Hoover Linx Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

Hoover Linx Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

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as of April 7, 2021 11:23 am


  • WindTunnel Technology
  • Extreme Recline Handle
  • Fuel Gauge

Wind Tunnel Technology with the Bagless Design – This one has more than adequate suction power for a heavy-duty performance like picking up fine dust and pet hair. Its bagless design permits for stress-free cleaning whenever the bin is full.

18 Volt Lithium-Ion Interchangeable Batteries with Gauge – its power design permits you to switch a wholly charged battery if you run out of power while undertaking a chore. Its battery gauge informs you about the amount of charge left plus if you require topping off shortly. The dwindle free battery guarantees maximum performance every time — furthermore, the Energy Star charger permits for petite charging time.

This machine has an outstanding slim profile, which consents for vertical storage. At around 24.8’’ tall (a little more than 2 feet), it can be stored securely in underneath the bed or a maintenance closet.

With about 10 pounds, the Hoover Linx Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner is lightweight and straightforward to work with. Its tallness can be naturally attuned, and can straightforwardly shift from solid surfaces (tile, wood, linoleum, vinyl, etc.) to soft carpets.

3. Hoover Air Cordless Bagless Handheld Vacuum BH52160PC

Hoover Air Cordless 20V Lithium Ion Bagless Hand Vacuum Cleaner

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as of April 7, 2021 11:23 am


  • Just Swap, Charge and Go
  • Light design of fewer than 4 lbs.
  •  Powered Turbo Tool mightily picks up hair on stairs and furniture

Bagless Design different from most common cleaners in the marketplace, the Hoover Air Handheld Cordless Vacuum is furnished with technology that escalates suction power, making it so real in collecting pet hair. Into the bargain, as it does not have a bag, the after-vacuuming cleaning is a piece of cake. Simply empty the dust cup, and your vacuum is prepared for duty yet again.

Highly Portable and lightweight with only a little less than 6 pounds, this machine is stress-free to transfer and navigate about the home. Stowing away the device is likewise easier since it doesn’t need lots of space.

For heavy-duty cleaning which can last for several hours, one can effortlessly exchange a standby battery whenever the power runs off. This hot exchange design is meant so that you can go on cleaning the whole house devoid of having to stop plus top off your battery. Furthermore, the Lithium Ion battery incorporated has no fade; consequently, it offers full power each time you require it.

In addition, the Hoover Air Cordless Hand Vacuum is meant to switch from vinyl/ hardwood floors to carpets with only a flick of the switch. With its low profile base, it can similarly tackle hard to access areas (underneath of furniture) devoid of you needing to bend over.

4. Dyson V6 Top Dog Hand Vac

Dyson V6 Fluffy Cordless Vacuum Cleaner for Hard Floors

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  • Up to around 20 minutes of dominant suction
  •  2 Tier Radial cyclones
  •  Mini-powered tool for harsh tasks

With a powerful digital motor, this unit packs three times the clout of many other handheld vacuum cleaners. This V6 offers all the suction power needed to pick up each single pet hair that your adored dog or cat has shed off. The 2 tier radical cyclones permit for picking up even the tiniest of animal or dust hair on surfaces.

The intelligent and ergonomic design of the Dyson V6 pet vacuum is meant for pain-free and stress-free handling. Its handle is fashioned to fit the hand aptly which decreases palm fatigue and wrist stress. One can hold the machine for an hour or more and not undergo any straining at all.

Its Nickel Manganese Cobalt battery offers 20 minutes of continuous high power suction with a single charge.

At only 3.4 pounds (total shipping mass of 4.8 pounds counting accessories and attachments) this machine is so light even for the handheld cleaner.

The Dyson trigger is excellently used on upholstery, car seats and any difficult areas that pet hair has gotten inside. The attachments encompassed also let this machine to pick up hair and dirt and in between tight spaces like cracks and keyboards.

With a tap of the red button, one can straightforwardly empty the bin whenever it becomes full (the canister is translucent thus you can directly see if it wants to be drained) 

5. Shark ION P50 Lightweight Cordless Upright (IC162)

ION P50 Lightweight Cordless Upright Vacuum with HEPA Filter

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  • DuoClean Technology for unmatched cleaning act on carpeted and hardwood floors
  • Upright Vacuum cleaning accomplishment devoid of the Cord
  • Powered Lift-Away trait for transportable above-floor cleaning

Lastly, an indeed useful cordless vacuum for the pet owners! Do not get it wrong, this is a very prevalent lightweight cordless upright vacuum “motorhead” design that makes cleaning the floors fun. Nevertheless, the innovative ION P50 Cordless Upright Vacuum (IC162) from SharkNinja isn’t only enjoyable to control; it is a really hands-on appliance for anybody who shares their house with hairy buddies.

At the outset, SharkNinja has armed the IC162 with their original and established DuoClean Power Head. It totals to Two Rollers in One Power Head with a Soft Roller for excellent cleaning performance of a large amount of debris on the carpet or hardwood floors. It surpasses at eradicating fine dust, dirt, and pet hair from the wood floors and generates a “simply buffed look.”

A Standard Roller having stiff bristles in situated in the back of the power head for deep carpet cleaning. Pet hair doesn’t stand a chance with the DuoClean!

It has a Floor Type Selector switch on its handle that allows you decelerate the brushes for the carpet or speed them up.

Maybe the most significant benefit of the DuoClean trait is you do not have to cease cleaning to exchange floor brushes each time you go to a different room.

The next aspect that sets apart the ION P50 (IC162) from the rivalry is its FREESTANDING ability! When you are done cleaning or need to stop to answer your phone, simply return it to its upright position in place of leaning it on a furniture piece. Just return it to its standing position, and it is parked!

SharkNinja has strengthened the suction power to a marvelous 79 inches of water lift that is among the highest presently obtainable on a cordless vacuum. That is sufficient suction to extract the dirt which gets stuck in the cracks between the wood floorboards or beside baseboards for a categorically in-depth clean.

A 28.8 Volt Lithium-ion Battery Pack offers up to half an hour of Runtime in the Lift-Away or Upright Mode. This is analogous to the Dyson V10 and V8, with Shark ION P50 Lightweight Cordless-Upright Vacuum IC162 possesses .54 dry quart dirt cup volume around the same Air Flow capacity of roughly 28 CFM. Up to 50 minutes in transportable Above-Floor style is beyond sufficient time to handle those above-floor vacuuming areas. If that is not enough operating time, one can buy an alternative 2nd Battery set plus double your runtime.

One more trait imperative to pet owners is its XL Dust Cup with a volume of around 5 cups that is one of the biggest obtainable on the cordless vacuum. It is stress-free to empty and clattered up dust or pet hair isn’t disposed to get stuck on the cyclone machine. 

Buyer’s Guide

When your pet sheds the fur, it settles on the carpeted floors plus smooth floors – not mentioning that the hair that gets traced on to carpeted stairs, and winds up on the fittings. Because most houses have a mixture of floor types, it is significant to select a model that is meant to work efficiently on each one of them.

Furthermore, it must have the needed attachments or features for the above-floor cleaning. It is vital to know what to search for when selecting a pet vacuum.
Several of the most significant considerations comprise:

Vacuuming performance - the most important issue when choosing a pet vacuum cleaner is its cleaning ability. While the efficiency of the main floor head is the chief concern, don’t overlook the accessories and tools incorporated with your vacuum cleaner. A first-class pet hair attachment makes all the difference between merely cleaning and annoying experience. Likewise, ensure the brush bar can be straightforwardly de-tangled - particularly if the pet has long hair!

Effectual Filtration - Pet dander is amongst the most common airborne antigens. If one suffers from a pet sensitivity, selecting a cordless vacuum with an effective filter is indispensable. Bear in mind that cordless vacuums typically are not as appropriate for persons with allergies, chiefly owing to the bagless design. The cordless models having the most excellent filters release far scarcer allergens in a cleaning session, however.

Smell Filter - Some vacuums are completed with an extra filter (habitually active charcoal) which can absorb the pet odors. That is less significant than the allergen filter, nonetheless might be something to bear in mind.

Floor Style Performance - Not all the vacuums accomplish the same on laminate, carpets and hard floors. Several are all-rounders, but then again countless are superior on one kind than others. Ensure you make allowance for the types of floor inside your home while selecting.

Stair Vacuuming - Stairs can be dreadful to clean using the conventional standing vacuum cleaner - expressly if the steps are often coated with your pet’s hair. This is a place that cordless vacuums regularly shine, as they are light and simple to move up the stairs. Not every cordless model is appropriate though, thus if you have stairs ensure you pick one having tools and flexibility to handle it.

Battery Run-Time - amid some of the most noteworthy observations when purchasing the cordless vacuum cleaner is its battery run-time. That can range from below 10 minutes up to a whole hour, dependent on its model. The run-time one needs rely on the manner you wish to employ the cleaner. For spot vacuuming, a battery lasting 15 minutes might be sufficient. If you need to clean the whole house devoid of recharging, nevertheless, then you will require a significantly lengthier run-time.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Why do you require a pet vacuum in preference to the standard One?

The difficulty is, hair can get tangled in the fibers of your carpet when stood or walked on. Standard vacuums strain to eliminate hair utilizing just suction. Pet vacuums possess specific sorts of heads plus attachments meant to drive the brushes deep in the carpet to shake the fibers and untie the hairs. Only then can they get scooped by suction.

2) So must one buy a cordless vacuum?

It depends. Most individuals have stated that cordless vacuums have altered the manner they clean. Since they are so simple only to grab and employ, they nowadays ‘clean on the go’ rather than deep cleaning each week as they did before. Consequently, if you like using 5 minutes to clean up here and there as you go, the cordless vacuum can be flawless for you. They likewise take up little storage space; consequently, they are an outstanding selection if you do not have space. Though, if you stay in a large house with many carpets, or you favor to hoover the entire house in one go then the old-fashioned corded vacuum will be a better choice.

3) What is a cordless vacuum?

As its name implies, a cordless vacuum is a type which does not have a power cable. As an alternative, it is powered from an internal rechargeable battery.

4) Shall the cordless vacuum substitute the corded vacuum?

Nowadays that the cordless vacuums are straightforwardly movable and multipurpose, you may want to contemplate disposing of the upright vacuum or bulky canister. To be truthful, it is taking up fairly some enormous space in the home.

5) What is an excellent vacuum cleaner for allergies and pet hair?

Amongst the common queries, we get every day is from the pet owners who do not need to make an error on the choice of the apt vacuum cleaner for the pet hair. Well, there exist such many vacuum cleaners for pet hair. Nonetheless, there are the essential aspects that a commendable vacuum for pets must have. The primary is, definitely, high suction power supplemented by a knot free brush system which can seize the pet hairs from your floor. Another significant feature is air filtration presently that we distinguish pet allergy is a grave concern for most people; both old and young. Along with the above one still needs features such as large bin, lengthier runtime, pet accessories, and tools as well.


A cordless vacuum cleaner makes cleaning cat or dog hair much more expedient. Though, they may lack the raw suction power of old-fashioned corded versions; the top vacuums make up for that with effectual brush bars enhanced mobility plus valuable tools. The first suggested cordless pet hair vacuums are more costly, nonetheless worth the cash for its outstanding performance.

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There you have it — a comprehensive buying guide for the pet owners searching for the best battery-operated vacuum cleaner for pet hair. If you want the simple maneuverability of the handheld models or the adaptability of stick vacuums, the review has everything for everyone.

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