Best Bath Towels Reviews 2020 – A MUST READ Guide

Best Bath Towels : Bathing is a vital part of our daily hygiene routine and believe me whether it is my home or hotel I visit, I bath every single day. And this might be the same with you, obviously you are a human and cleaning is must. But to make sure you are all dried up using a Bath Towel becomes a necessity.

Bath Towel are an expanding business and this has led to creation of towels that are far better in quality and size as well. A normal towel can never help to clean and dry up well for a bath, but Bath Towels are made for this purpose alone.

Best Bath Towels Reviews 2017

Normal people all over the world, use Bath towels made from cotton which can be resistive to water and helps in quick drying as well. Modernized cotton has different features such as less shrinkage which means you would fine the least shrinkage possible on the towels. Most of us love colours and towel are available in different colour variants, as we all know. But the modern Bath towel are made from cotton which gives least fading and are said to be highly fade resistant.

Fine print or different texture on the towel helps to quickly swap and clean the water from the skin easily. In this way designers considered to introduce different pattern of bathing to
wels along with a wide range of colours as well.

Best Bath Towels

I know you are looking for a range of Bath towels for you and your family, to dry up and get back to the business like every day. Well you are on the right place then, I have listed a set of Best Bath Towel for home and different places. All you need to is start reading the towel reviews and select the best one out of them.


Pinzon Egyptian Cotton 6 Piece Towel set

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The Pinzon Egyptian cotton towel is considered one of the finest bath towel for their fine texture over the spread. They are comfortable enough to swipe and being soft textured they are highly used in foreign countries.

Well what we have today is a set of 6 piece cotton towel bath set of Pinzon Egyptian, a brand known for its virtues durability for a long time. So you get a set of 2 bath towels, 2 hard towels along with 2 wash cloths with 100% cotton durability.

The Egyptian bath towel present a comfortable cotton touch that feels smooth and with a size of 30*56 inches make them handy to use. The performance of the towel set is far more reliable than any other service which makes it a good option for every season use.

The fine reason to select these towels is that they are shrink resistant and they remain of same size, even after washing indeed. Being light weight, these towels are comfortable to use and carry as well. Last thing is they can be washed even in washing machine and being shrink resistive, we will find the least of shirking indeed.


  • They are made from 100% cotton
  • Different colour ranges are available such as Grey, White, Green, and Blue and black
  • Shrink resistant which means, the towel won’t shrink even after excessive washing
  • Large size bath towels for comfortable cleaning and smooth texture on the top of the towel as well
  • The weight of these towel is less than 300 to 900 GSM


Divatex Home Fashions 10 – Piece Deluxe Towel Set – Blue

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Divatex Home fashions present you a wide range of Bath towel in this set of 10 pieces which include, 2 bath sheets, 2 bath towels, 2 hand towels and 4 wash cloths. I can say this pick would be a huge discount and saving for you, for just a price less than $70 mark.

This bathing towel is made from 100% cotton terry which is considered to be a prime cotton in the industry. We can find the texture of the towel to be quite fluffy which is soft, plus and water absorbent as well.

The size of towel is around the mark 540 grams per square meter that is similar to normal bathing towels in the market. There are 14 different colour range we can select between and out of all the Turquoise Blue has got vivid user reviews if you ask me.

These Divatext Home Fashion towel set would complete your spa or bathroom, and give it a proper look indeed. And the weight of the product is around 5.8 pounds that is quite good to manage.


  • The price of the 10 – piece bath towel set is reasonable under $70 price range
  • We have 100% cotton terry made bath towel which last longer than normal ones
  • They are water absorbent which consume and dry up water faster
  • 14 different range of colours that we can select
  • The towel is made from soft and fluffy type material


Luxury Hotel & Spa Towel Turkish Cotton

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We have a bath towel with a set of 4 made from 100% Turkish cotton and are quite good looking too. The texture on these bath towel set is more than unique but with a fluffy soft touch over it, gives the towel a much better presence.

The price of this product is around $43 range which seems quite fair for a 4 – piece bath towel set from Turkish pure cotton. It gets an extra thick weave over the edge that makes the towel more water absorbent and good looking as well. They have a double stitch edge on the body that gives it a harder body and would last long.

Well this towel set is not simply said to have 100% Turkish cotton, but it is also made in turkey. And if you don’t know Turkey is a country of great tradition and has been manufacturing branded towels for a long time. So we can expect these towels to last longer than the average ones indeed.

The main property of this bath towel is that it becomes softer with every wash you make, so there is no reason to worry about towel shrinking. And being water resistant and absorbent this towel is perfect to showcase in your Spa or hotel bathroom as well.


  • A set of 4 piece branded bathing towel
  • Made from 100% pure Turkish cotton and made in turkey as well
  • The towel retains softer with every wash
  • It has thick weaver type fluffy look over and around the towel
  • It can be washed in washing machine without any issues


Utopis Towels 30*56 Inch Cotton Bath Towels

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Utopia Towels is a famous brand when it comes to home furnishing and bathing materials such as this one. We are reviewing Utopis Towels 4 piece 30*56 Inch sized Bath towel in grey colour. Well there are 6 different colour ranges, so you need not worry about the colour indeed.

This is a complete set of 4 bath towel that are made from premium cotton material. They are made from 100% ring spun cotton that is not so widely used in Asian countries, but they are far more famous in countries like USA, UK and Canada.

Another good feature about this towel is they can be washed in machine as well, no need to worry about wear and tear. As these Utopia Towels are made from strong cotton that is soft and at the same time strong enough to resist shrinkage too. We can call it a package of all good features like shrink resistance, hard, softer as well.

Some people might be considering this towel is made from chemicals, but worry not as this towel set is only made from natural materials. At last their size is something around 30*56 inch that is a widely recognized size for bathing towels all over the globe. Either it be a gift to friend or to yourself, this is a good choice indeed.


  • A set of 4 30*56 inch bath towel for just around $30
  • They are made from water resistive ring spun cotton material
  • You can clean them through dry washing in washing machine as well
  • They give less shrinkage even after so many washes
  • 6 different colour variant towels to select from
  • It is only made from natural material, but not synthetic or chemical


AmazonBasics Fade Resistant Cotton 6-Piece Towel Set

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The last one our list is a bathing towel from AmazonBasiscs Fade resistant 6 piece cotton towel set that is a highly review product online. So, the first reasons to buy this towel set is almost clear with so many people already reviewing it as a good option for daily bathing and cleaning.

It is fade resistant that means the colour of the bath towel won’t be fading away for a very long time even after washing every day. Another thing is they are made from 100% pure cotton that gives a comfortable soft touch on the towel set and makes it feel fluffy in sense. The 6 piece set include 2 bath towels of 54*30 inches, 2 hand towel of 28*16 inches, and at last 2 washcloths of 12*12 inches.

I am sure you might be looking for a set of bath towels along washcloths and hand towels, so this product fits your criteria the best. Even the price for this product is ranged at $18 that is least amount on our list and probably the cheapest online as well.

Other than this they are also light weight that is a perfect reason to carry them around the whole bathroom or the house. Being available in 7 different colour variants such as Navy Blue, White, Grey, Teal, Black, Crimson, Acorn is a perfect piece of show too.


  • The price for this 6 piece cotton towel set is just around $18
  • It is fade resistant and the colour remains intact for a long period
  • 7 different colour of towel set to select from
  • These are light weight towels that can be carried easily
  • These towels are water absorbent that means they can dry water quickly


How to select a Bath Towel online ?

Here I present you a little guide which will help you to determine and select a good bath towel that can be used every day. Well there are not many aspects or requirements in a bath towel, but there are some which are listed below.

  • Size: Bath towels are always large in size and I would say dare not to buy a medium or small one, if you do it would serve no purpose indeed
  • Cloth: Towels now a days are made from different clothing texture which give them properties like less shrinkage, fast drying and more. So, mostly people prefer using Cotton towel all over the globe
  • Price: Even though a Bath towel is just a piece of cloth, it might cost you if you go for a branded product. So, the price range can be anywhere between $20 – $250 at least

Maybe you might own a hotel or have a large family, then I advise you to pick 6 piece or 12 piece collection of Towels. These come in handy and can be used by many people, thus it serves well for large families or hotel owners.

So it would be a decent idea to consider the above requirements in a bath towel before buying one from online.



I appreciate you spending time to read our article about best bath towels review for the year 2017. Surely you are going to select one of the above bath towels, due to their warm texture, size and many more plus points.

Read the reviews soon and select the best bath towel from list and buy it right away or someone else might pick it up in no time. People across the world are crazy for towels that last long and can be used for different purposes.

If you consider leaving a feedback or want a towel name to be added on our list, then please drop it in the below comments section and we will get back to you soon.

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