8 Ways to Maintain Good Body Posture

People say that first impression is the last impression. I find it quite right because the moment we lay our eyes on someone, we start formulating notions about them. The kind of notion depends solely on how well we perceive that human being. And our perception comes from his or her appearance. The way we dress, the way we walk and even the way we stand become important parameters upon which we are judged.

It feels real nice to be at the centre of attraction, doesn’t it? Now for that to happen, we ought to have an exceptional personality and it can’t be denied that our body posture has a major role in making it happen.

Maintain Good Body Posture

Bad body posture can lead to deformation of spine, infringement of limb’s mobility, displacement and distortion of internal organs and can even result in a hunch in the later years of your life.

How To Maintain A Good Body Posture?

In this article, we will talk about ways to maintain good body posture that will not only boost our self-confidence but also have an impressive effect on our life style.

  • 1
    Always try to stand straight. Imagine you are being pulled upwards gently by a thread. Visualising this can really prove to be helpful to maintain good posture and increase height. Keep your shoulders straight and squared.
  • 2
    Have someone tape a giant X on your back from one shoulder to the opposite hip. Then put a straight line of tape across your shoulders closing the top of the X. Wear this for as long as you can. This retrains your back.
  • 3
    Always try to avoid the slouch or bending of your neck while walking. Walk like you are balancing something on your head.
  • 4
    Set certain target objects. These are objects which remind you of something else rather than their true self. It can be any object, colour or picture. Every time you think about or see the object, check your posture. It can really be effective if you decide to put your mind to it.
  • 5
    Try to shift your balance more to calves. This eases up your upper body and lets you maintain a good body posture. This also strengthens your calf muscles and you feel strong.
  • 6
    Sit up straight. If you work for long hours on a desk and are a liberty to choose your chair, then pick the one that is comfortable and designed for proper support. Align your back with that the chair and position the computer screen at an upward angle so that you do not have to slouch. You can also wear posture corrector while working and sleeping if you're comfortable with it.
  • 7
    Only sitting in the right posture won’t do. You have to take standing breaks periodically. Take a walk, jog a little if possible or do some simple exercises like stretching. This is much needed for our body.
  • 8
    Last but not the least, sleep soundly. Using the right mattresses, sleeping on your back rather than your stomach and not over using pillows have a very good effect on our posture.

You should also try to keep your body in shape by working out daily. Though not rigorously, light workout will also do. Taking care of your body will definitely make you stay healthy and you can enjoy your life to the fullest.

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